Approaching Melting Point

Oh there's a change, there's a change a-coming
Oh no there's a change, something won't be the same,
There's going to be some blame a-coming.

Begin the breathing, there's that sinking feeling.
No. No, surely we can swim, maybe we can win
We can float or find a boat, or keep the water under chin...

Oh there's a change, there's a change a-coming
Another source of pain, each time they're changing the game! 
Again, and again, and again - breathe.

It could be alright, there's a little bit of time,
To just try and keep it cool before the meltdown.
You've done this and survived, it will all turn out fine,
There's a little bit more time - breathe.

Because if you think there's a chance, there's a chance a-coming
Something to be earned, something to be learned
Perhaps no need to be concerned - breathe.

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Sun 31st Jan 2021 13:10

Thank you Jason and Paul for your encouraging comments.
(Sadly Paul's comment is no longer viewable since he left the site)

My own natural disposition isn't particularly adverse to change but anyone can lose their equilibrium and strength (one? both?) under relentless change even if they would usually see change as exciting rather than scary.

However, as a SEND parent it isn't only our own reaction to change that becomes the issue, and in this piece I am confronting the possibility of two meltdowns, the one that I am anticipating the probability of in my child, and the secondary (or primary?) meltdown of my own capacity to cope too.

The very specific scenario behind the poem made me think it might not be widely relevant but I am glad that the more general attempt to avoid my own meltdown is meaningful in a broader sense than just my own faced situation.

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Jason Bayliss

Sun 31st Jan 2021 10:50

I really like this Aviva, sometimes the changes come so thick and fast that they are like a tsunami, but you're absolutely right, breathe, learn, breathe. It's the difference between swimming and drowning. Such a wonderful little slice of genius.

J. x

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