Just 3 Colours

Take away the cars and just 3 colours I see.
Green grass, grey sky and many a brown tree.
Stanley Park car park is wet, empty and grey.
It mirrors the sky above on this bleak old day!

Below, a length of grass brightens the scene.
Though in winters toll it looks far from pristine.
Dark green and muddy, dyed from the rain.
Tyre tracks have left a streaky, patterned stain.

The trees line up, all spindly, dripping and bare.
Dark brown, without shadow in a sunless stare.
Where are the joggers today, I've seen just 2?
And at the bus stops, I've seen nobody queue!

People hunched beneath brollies rush on by.
Even all the birds today have vacated the sky!
Outside Highclere House, rain rests on a wire.
Each different view from my window, I never tire!

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Wed 13th Jan 2021 17:50

I like the way that you only find out at the end that you're behind a window and not out there in the wet weather scene. I'm going to assume that the people's clothes and umbrellas were various combinations or isolations of green, grey and brown.

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