Another Demon

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Late at night
Lying in the dark
Another demon enters
Takes a strike at my heart
The tears start flowing
I don't know if they’ll stop
He can see I’m weak and fragile
So he takes his best shot
The thoughts are getting stronger
But I keep them at bay
I guess it’s wishful thinking
That they’d just go away
I hate all the confusion
If I’d known from the start
Then this demon and his army
Couldn’t tear me apart
I’m tired and I’m weary
I just wish I could sleep
But every time I close my eyes
My thoughts run too deep
Tired of all the fighting
I just don't feel that strong
Just feels like  I’m a let down
And what I am in life is wrong
But this weakness is just temporary
My weakness is a blip
I’ll find some strength from somewhere
And bounce back fighting fit
So be careful nasty demons
There are things coming your way
Because this battle isn’t over
I will have the final say

© curiousdud3 01/2021

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lisa donohoe

Fri 29th Jan 2021 01:58

So powerful and very inspiring. 😍 love this

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