Make A Space In Your Heart

Part One
        Though your day is full
        There’s so much to do
        It’s a busy life
        So hard being You

        Make a space in your heart
        Open out your mind
        Take a moment apart
        To see what you’ll find

Part Two
        Because the world – has so many places
        And in this world – there are so many faces
        Waiting for a smile
        Living in hardship of a different kind.

        And I want you to know this
        We can’t help them if we do not notice
        Or realise what they need
        Maybe it’s something we’d find easy to give.

Part Three
        So, though your day is full
        There’s so much to do
        And it’s a busy life
        So hard being You

        Make a space in your heart
        Make a space in your heart
        Make a space in your heart

Repeat Part Two

Repeat Part Three


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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Thu 14th Jan 2021 22:55

Thank you Stephen for taking time to comment on this poem/song.
Thanks also to those who have clicked 'Like' for the poem/song

Little story behind this one. There was a year when my children's school were teaching an assembly song which had similar themes but included unpleasant imagery and details which wasn't very age appropriate and my daughter told me she had been upset by the song and that other children were too. So, when I wrote to the head about it I pointed out that the themes could be achieved without unnecessary upsetting details, and wrote and sent this, not for use, but as an example to prove the point. 😀

But the head wasn't a very good listener and preferred to say my daughter was lying about feeling upset or that anyone else had been, rather than admit that the song they'd chosen might be ill advised.

Still, inspiration wherever we find it. I don't like the story but I like the song.

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Stephen Gospage

Thu 14th Jan 2021 17:36

This is a good, positive message. It is so important to take a moment and make a space in your heart.

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