It's been forty eight hours 
Apparently sleep is for the weak. 
My chest aches 
Heavy with anxiety. 
In the darkness I lay still 
Unable to find peace, 
I let my mind wander. 
I think of you. 
Yes, I do know
I understand very well 
Because I'm just some girl who's in love with the band. 
It's true
I've got it bad. 
I shared with you what I adored the most and somehow you managed to make every song sweeter. 
Now it's all ruined. 
My greatest comfort were in the lyrics that stole my heart, I hope you know there isn't a playlist that can fix this. 
So I shut my eyes and welcome the sting. 
Even still I can't let you hurt alone.
You have this light about you 
So bright everyone can see it. 
It makes me want to wipe the tears from your face, then remind you that we're going to be okay.
And if it's alright, I'd like to be the one who ignites a flame inside so wild it burns all your fears. 
But I can't. 
I left so I could let go
But not speaking at all is harder than being distant friends. 
Can I take it back? 
Don't write that you "cared"
Damn tell me you still do
This January Gloom just isn't the same without you. 





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