Living in the Real World


What is the real world?
Now, where do we live?
Can't we forgive?
Do we ever learn?
Our minds like a sieve?

Some say, "We need war."
But all war is hell --
Yet peace we repel
The twisted with hatred
are under a spell.

The real world is we,
The real world is them--
Sharing, to free --
Diverse as we are,
Can't we disagree?

Now, it seems
fear is ruling our day.
"Might is right," some nincompoops say
Longing for power
The BOMB is their Way.

So, feud after feud
More bitter the roots
Must we all be brutes,
Or learn a new way
To deal with disputes?

We claim advancement.
Evolved more and more --
However, we still depend on war.
Now disconnected
like as never before.

If this world must be
Held in check by war,
Then all should deplore
Our lack of sense --
The so-called
"real world" abhor.



Limericist 2007

evolutionforgivenesshatehatredrealityworld war3 the end

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Brian Hodgkinson

Sun 31st Jan 2021 08:49

Thank you, JD, for the like.

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