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entry picture

Between the walls we spend our time

Glimpsing something, closing somewhere,

Possibly a door, or, more likely a life or a grave.

Something that hasn't a roof like a sonata or a fire, Something that moves quickly, quicker than the speed of rabbits or birds escaping.

The roof is not closed, so we see stars, so many stars,

All bedecked with possibilities of life and more than that

A ...

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Also by John E Marks:

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Planted Seeds

entry picture

I planted some seeds
I watched them grow
They got stronger each day
They are flowers now
The petals are vibrant
They’ve come to life
They blow in the breeze
They reach up to the light
Independent and free
They stand so tall
Bask in the sun
From the early morn
As the night time comes
They go to sleep
Until the next new dawn
And the little birds tweet
Then they rise again
Looking pr...

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Also by curiousdud3:

Don't want to hurt | Lost Boy (AKA Lost Child and Lost Girl) | Hide and Seek | Turn Back the Clock | As a child |



It was ninety eight past midnight

on a shining moonless night

as I walked with flaming fagots

‘mongst the clouded dunes so bright

astride a beetled rhino

in equestrian delight

a band  of jammied pixies

sat and laughed with all their might


back a ways a distance

a herd of horn billed bats

thundered masticating

the thrills of gin filled rats

then sunken in de...

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Also by Leora Rosner:

There’s a heat wave running wild | The Smatterbog |

Agony Street

This is my street.

This is where I live.

This is where I’ll die:

In Agony Street.

This is where I call the shots;

This is where I make the rules;

This is where I knock the spots

Off those who don’t comply,

However hard they try.

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Also by Stephen Gospage:

Tragedies |

Living Within Love

Intuiting multi-dimensional truths

The art of being

Harmonious communication with every atom spiralling

The highest vibrational energy

Illuminated pathway

Intuition followed

Emotions guiding

Existing beyond dimensions

Being love

Living love

Limitless within love



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Also by deanfraserofficial@yahoo.com:

Summer Rain | Last Train |

#inspirational #love #self-growth #spirituality


Would I be worthy of your time, if I worked on myself and created the best of me?

Would I then become worthy, of all the ideals you hold I finally embody?

Would I become worthy if smiled more and built that perfect body?

Would I be worthy if I emulated your mind set and undertake your hobbies?

What's needed for me to become worthy? because some things I can't seem to find.

Behind my eyes ther...

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Also by Zhar2020:

The wildflower | Changes | Chess for her | Heartless - lyrics (Experiment) |

Small World

Small world.

Pale hardness, a gallery so smooth

whose upward turning curves submerge

with swell of that resuming sea,

which swirls and skelters to the top.

Yet she who rides the sky

with that great pull and orders forth to ebb again,

so from this mollusc’s empty home

the brine does gurgle, every drop

to issue forth, meander back,

round black rocks burnished,

never ...

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Also by Peter J Matthews:

Bramble | The Approach |

The Old/New Estate

entry picture

The Estate


Kids with kids in

Second hand push chairs

Walking line ahead

Lad at the front

Mother and baby

To the back


Its how its done

When your hard enough.


Burberry caps and Adidas tracksuits

Nike sneakers cheap knock offs.

Big earrings gold in colour.

Make up layered upon layer.

Stoned. Started at lunch times

On the school field


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Also by I'm not a poet:

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Living in a wasteland

entry picture

Decades have passed.

The world has changed,

along with its people.


It no longer brings joy to my heart,

as it did in my time.

All because of them.


What happened to the days,

when the only thing one could do during a lovely day

was to step out the front door and pamper one's self

with the five senses that Mother Nature had provided?


But n...

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"I want to tell you" she whispered

his heart cooled in the

sudden ice of their bed

"dont get mad" she urged

she'd been only fourteen with

a married man then

her mother taking charge and

from a long way off something about

a clinic

but what got him, sucked the love from him

was the tears

that claim of continuing loss

she'd even given him a name

no guilt

he ...

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Also by simon lucan:

Crescendo | Pickled | Mud | Hamburg Tram | Safe | 24 Carat | Jock-Strapped | Warpaint |

clinicguiltmarried manmother



When the little sods get under your roof

trying to burrow below dermis with a prick

which has you howling with the pain of it,

it is time give a call to Steve-the-wasp

who cares not about the lamentations of

his job – he just gets on with it, shunning


formal ceremony and blasts away at the

task in hand – insecticide and no-how are

his stock in tools of trade – he ...

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Also by Philipos:


Sylvain Dornon the Stilt-Walking Baker. Well I'll Be....

entry picture

Sylvain Dornon the Stilt-Walking Baker. Well I'll Be....


In 1891 five-eight

Days, Silvain Dornon

Paris/Moscow walked on stilts

You're kidding me, come on?....


I kid you not....


Don Matthews

August 2020




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Also by Don Matthews:

I Want Election Results Now. Tonight |


Flying into the open and ever widening sky

Beyond the horizon which marked my flying high

Soaring above the heavens and the nightly skies

Into the realms of wonderous star studded abode

I reach a garden filled with passionate love and hope

Into that castle of romantic love and faith

I bid my loyalty and welcome my ever warming fate

Saying farewell to all the scars, darkness an...

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Also by Amatul Wadud:

Poem 3 | Thought 1 | Flowing through | Poem 2 | Synopsis 10 | Synopsis9 | Synopsis000 | Synopsis 3rd 2020 |

My Sunday call to prayer

My Sunday call to prayer


I call out to the infinite power of Love

To the great and masterful font of all knowledge and power

May the small minds of man know the true extent of your wisdom

And come to know the worth of each soul here that dwells in your worlds seen and unseen.

Regardless of our diverse belief’s and understanding, may we come to know you.


Regardless of th...

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Also by Paul Sayer:

World Trade Centre Fires! | Oh my God! | God | The chart of the moment! | The iced metaphor cake | The mask is comming off! |

My prayer.


Why do you love me so intently?

I've hurt you, I've used you.

So why? Why do you care?

Why do you continue to care?

Is it just to make it right,

or is it better to push you further away?

What do I deserve?

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Sensual and salacious desires arouse the senses

as they race to the fore leaving all else in their wake

As a stream cuts its route through virgin land

a coup has taken place as all control is lost

We kiss, fondle and run with our hands

our innards burn with a passionate ardour

Sinews break from their moorings

as the heart pulsates and reaches fever pitch


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Also by keith jeffries:

A Smoky Cafe | The haves and have nots | It draws near | Are we going to do this again? | The Stone Tower |

SAPI plates

entry picture

Sage bush smoking sour
Eyes cascading showers
Measuring sober hours
Chewing my cigarettes now
Good coffee, good chow
Pretentious fuck saying thou
Pissing off the bow, drunk
Crawl back in my rack
Afloat but still sunk
Cold icey dunk
Casket of grinding gears stuck
Struck, sliding into silence

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bipolar disordermental healthmental illness


entry picture


Having, mostly, enjoyed my visit:
Walking and busing along the coast,
A Hollywood film in Hollywood,
And plenty of friendliness with it...

During my last morning in L.A.,
I watched, on a hotel-room T.V.,
Live from the town of Pasadena,
The Tournament of Roses display.

Perfectionism was on the go,
And it seemed little expense was spared,
As floats ...

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The Kid With The Target On His Chest


It makes me consider the heart more 
sympathetically, this target on the chest
designed to make me condemn outright
the beating heart it reveals more than covers.

Who is this boy who could be anyone?
Ghostly in black and white
as if from a chapter now ash
but I've met with less in the mirror.

Shadows cresting night's hills
I take them to be the firing squad
too well trained to h...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

A Visit | Wisdom Exhausted |


entry picture



We all know they’re riddled with Otherness

And they’re bringing it over here

I don’t care if they have the same body parts

It’s their Otherness that I fear

They’ll only have to look at you

And you’ll catch their Otherness too

They’ll be lazy, scrounging, Otherness spreading

Heathens – not like me and you


I bet they had lives of champaign and caviar


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Also by Ian Whiteley:

Covid Mary |

bigotslack of empathylittle englandmigrantsno heartracists

Hot Pink

entry picture

Beautiful flowers, a vibrant shade

the intensity of hot pink, 


delicate creation, Mother Nature made


Petals so delicate, tissue paper thin

bees dart between them, 


fine, dusty grains of pollen kept within


Fragrance allures, aroma heady scent

bees buzzing, enticed 


liquid nectar, sugar rich and heaven sent 

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Also by julie callaghan:

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Death Delayed


To death I say

let it just wait


I'd just as soon



its final stage

is proof enough


the best death is

the one put off!


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Also by d.knape:

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Unmasked on the bus

He got on the bus no mask on his face,

The only one without,quite a disgrace .

At him ,all we mask wearers did stare,

It was obvious as he sat there,he did not care.


Two stops later he did get off,

As he rose to his feet he did cough !



Spreading his germs he did not stop,

As into another confined space he did pop.

His colleagues at work awaited his arrival,


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Also by hugh:

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entry picture

An unrequited love poem


I’ve had some bad luck with the ladies

In truth, the fault’s down to me

You see, I’ve a niche peccadillo

That’s harmless, I’m sure you’ll agree.


I’d taken her out on a bike ride

We’d stopped at a café to eat

But when she came back from the Ladies

She caught me sniffing her seat.


A second invited me inside

An offer I couldn’t refu...

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Also by John Coopey:


Disappearing in the midnight air across the meadows

entry picture

Leaving no trace your

Feet disappear suddenly

In the midnight air.

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Also by Andy N:

Behind You |

haikushort poems


Beethoven's music I surely adore.
Tis something I must come back to for more.
He comforts my heart when I am by myself,
And reaches my soul more than anything else.

In his music he shares each part of his life.
He gives us strength where before there was strife.
He shows triumph of spirit over adversity
In each sonata, concerto and in every symphony.

He expresses anger and sadness but ...

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Also by Stuart Vanner:

Judgements | Shakespeare |

BeethovenClassical MusicStuart Vanner

Golden Boy

It is the way 

Your fears

Manifest your reality 

Your overcompensation 

The tell

You over tell your story.

Not enough emphasis 

On your skill 

You found yourself 

In a bar

Off skidrow 

Off junkies' needles jettisoned 

In the alley

Off from the carcass 

Of the dead rat

Beside the graffiti 

Beyond the dumpster 

A decent dapster bar

With a legitim...

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Also by D.W. Hamilton:

Aluminum | God's Eye |

Am I Enough?

I’m afraid that I am not enough,

inadequate, lacking, measured and left wanting.  

The scales upon which I have stood

are not weighted in my favor,

but are tipped toward insufficiency.

And what if these things are true?

What does that make of me?

Where then is my worth,

and what is my valuation,

if not in what I am able to provide?

What of my life, wasted and squander...

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Also by Shehariah:

Son | Blind |

What is Life Indeed!

entry picture

Ujjal Mandal, India

Rose is sweet when it smells
And it lingers until it veils.

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Also by Ujjal Mandal:

Mother, the Lotus of Heart | Books | The Words of God, Jesus Christ |

real life

Curse of social distancing

Oh Lord how I miss her touch and hugs.

I close my eyes and yearn to hold her hands and hug her.

But when I reopen my eyes I see an ocean of social distancing separating us.

How long God before I can once more feel her healing hands and warm hugs?

Please God end this madness soon lest I 'm driven insane.

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Also by Abdul Ahmad:

Sunshine smile | The oblivious world | It was____ | A Masterpiece | AS YET UNBORN |

The man and the sea - Part 1: The Stranding

After the ship broke

the man found himself in the middle of the sea

drifting into the unknown in the dark

clinging to a piece of tree


the man is physically strong, he needs to be

cause his mindset is weak

and now that no one can see

he lets out a tiny weep


by daylight, the man spots land on the horizon

he heads off and crawls

but she, the sea, won’t let him ...

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femalegender rolesmalerelationshipssea themed poems

I don't fit in


I don’t fit in 

it’s not a sin 

I appear martian 

I’ve got reasons 


I can’t blend 

anyone can tell 

my opinions 

seem out of season 


it’d be a lot easier if we all got along 

I wish sometimes I was wrong 

but I see what you do, hear what you say 

logic and reason move the other way 


I won’t conform 

to a norm 

boiling a planet 

on a ...

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

Your photo booty | Thrushes | Your Epitaph | Nothing is wasted |

Holly Hagg

entry picture

Pen devoid of poems
adventure long overdue
living room carpet
growing long in the tooth
I’m pining for movement
so keen to get out
I’ll go walking down
to Holly Hagg

Little glimpses at normality
haloed by golden rays
There’s no poison 
in the idle river
no politics
in the quiet horse
cantering to 
another chew

The clouds of working day
part while I’m out walking
bathed in nat...

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The twins were three years old!

Their little cake had three candles on each side

So they could blow them out together -

My half and your half.

They were thrilled.


Three days later Daddy turned thirty-three.

Of course, he had to have a cake too,

With thirty-three, pretty candles.

No candles was ever an option,

Nor the right number either.


The girls were nappi...

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Stealthy Predators

entry picture

The bloated bellies of offshore vaults

where lie the profits, accumulating wealth

though giving off a nauseous stench

of crude oil and the decomposing corpses

of so many helpless non-combatants.


Sent by bearded men plotting over long tables

using deaths, terror and yet more deaths

to further their not so obscure interests.

Evil metallic predators wing stealthily over t...

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Also by Jennifer Malden:

Moon lies |


The day is long and hot

stretching out to sand

like the slit in a tank

in plain sight

offering no respite. 

There may be blood 

on unfamiliar hands.


Hearts beat in crosshatch

to a peculiar rhythm

the pace of unfamiliar lands. 

Strange harsh voices coming

from behind barriers to progress

and silent curious children. 

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Mga Handurawan sa Pakigbisog

entry picture

Ilahang pagduyog,
Sa isig-kaubanon,
Aron makig-bisog,
Sa ilang kaantosan.

Mga handurawan,
Hulagway sa kadasig,
Mga kinaadman,
Dungan 'ta sa pagdayeg. 

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Have you given up on me have I given up on you

What is it we really can do as we look like fools

Can't see the future past my own dreams

But can you say your truly free


Don't need no blessed beads.

Don't need no lucky rabbit's feet.


Just need our leader's minds to be free.

Instead of thinking of a destructive ideology 

They have a death wish for...

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wish i was bad at maths again

i was never good at maths 

but these numbers stick to me 

and i cant shake them off

usually addition takes forever

but now i can tell you in a minute

what an apple + a carrot equates

and every number is running through my head

wish i could run as fast as them

because maybe then

i would still be bad at maths


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Also by Youngdumbpoet:

Joke | Fear | The frozen girl |

bodycalorieslove yourself

The State of Things

We poison the well and wonder why

There is no drinking water in the tap.

We kill the bees and wonder why

There is no food on supermarket shelves.

We ravage the earth and wonder why

The floods and fires come.

We prise open the box and wonder why

Pandora's pandemics pour forth.

We close our eyes

And wonder who to blame.

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holland bells

Good night,
Blue rover,
And the songs of delight.

By the gashed mellows,
And melons,
That I frolic about.

For the holland songs,
Bells that go ringing,
And homes that are desolate and bare.

Strange people and feelings,
The damned don't come near,
Friends are my shadows.

Flowers and bloom,
I guess the sand marshes,
And the blue in the moon!

Yet the father I see sins,
With ...

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Also by Alita Moore:

puppet |

Waiting for October

~When the midnight breeze struggles against the wrinkles of my windbreaker

But doesn't quite win yet,

I'll know that autumn's set. 

When listening to Aubrey brings the company of both friends

And endearing ghosts alike,

I'll know that early will come the night. 

The nights of campfire love songs and guitar rifs

And those of frat house trap music and police tips.

I am patien...

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Cracked, not broken

entry picture

A wilted heart 

Can be watered 

To a new start 

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Also by Chloé:

Atypical |

brick wall

slowly i took down my walls

noticing you didnt run from what you saw 


instead you helped me take down every brick

your love seemed to do the trick


now im being reborn from all your love

you must have been sent from above 


or maybe our souls had already known

because being around you feels like home


i have never used the term soulmate

but when it comes...

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Also by Justagirl:

stitches | reborn | pity party | darkest dungeons | numb |

Heavenly Bodies

entry picture

August is a great month for star gazers!

Fully clothed

With naked eye

She gazes upwards

To a moonlit sky

A mighty presence

Swiftly felt

Orion appears

Only wearing 

A belt

She's waited here

Till an early morn 

For his shimmering touch

On a summer's dawn

The hunter haunts her

As Venus looks on

But when sun arises

Her lover is gone


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Also by Ruth O'Reilly:

New Normal |

#astronomy #romantic #flashfiction #stars


The freedom of speech, assembly, and dissent 

On the surface seems we are all in agreement 

In reality, there is far too many people 

Who are only believers when it's convenient 

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last night I slept with the curtains open 

the lower boughs of the nearby copse

framed by my small window


anticipating early sun to stream through

it took a few minutes to register that

it was still murky at the first crow-caw


4.47am, the morning’s footlights 

weren’t ready to herald the chorus-line

of gently quivering branches


as the backdrop colours rose


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Endless uneven steps
lead the way

No handrail here
Not now
Not then

Nothing to prevent a clumsy fall
onto unforgiving stone

Only the cold wall to try to cling to
as a metal-clad warrior rushes past
desperate to do his duty

Best hide your phone;
He’s not a fan and he is not averse 
to giving the odd unsuspecting tourist 
a shove if he’s that way out

I wouldn’t chance it

His mood depe...

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the universe moves without us


something could have been done last year, now all is morally blear. go about with your day, just stay.

stay in that house with those people you can’t remember, merely a year ago. 


i’m fine, sunshine, and i will tell you forever

it’s not me, it’s the world. once we change, she goes forth.

the universe moves without us.

she will not halt, not tonight, nor wednesday. for my h...

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2020happy birthday madalanapoempoem from late last nightworld problems

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