Humour Don't Sell Papers

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Humour Don't Sell Papers


I've just read today's paper

It's full of doom and gloom

Murders, killing, destruction, death

Children being groomed


Headlines blare out constantly


There's so much negativity

(The paper I have closed)


Why can't I read, enjoy myself?

With lots of humour, rife

Instead of being subjected to

This gutter side of life



Humour don't sell papers....





Don Matthews

September 2020

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Don Matthews

Tue 1st Sep 2020 04:38

You're so right Ruth. Much of the humour for my own website is gleaned from those little 100 word columns tucked away in the corner....

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Ruth O'Reilly

Mon 31st Aug 2020 19:18

seek and ye shall find Don! Humour is always hidden in those tiny columns of around 100 words ?

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Stephen Gospage

Mon 31st Aug 2020 18:03

You get a lot of humour in the Guardian, although to be fair it's not always intentional.

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Don Matthews

Mon 31st Aug 2020 15:55

Brian, serves me right going to the local Sweatie caff.

Beano sounds like a comic? Is it about Boris or Donald?

<Deleted User> (18980)

Mon 31st Aug 2020 13:25

Don, you made the mistake of reading the Scottish edition...they're a dour lot the Sweaties!

Anyway, if you want fun buy The Beano.

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