3rd August, 2014

Six years since the latest round of  genocide against the Yezedi people began

That murderous monstrous onslaught

Upon the peaceful  Yezedi people, for the crime

Of following their own religion and culture

That has been in Mesopotamia since before

The crucifixion in Jerusalem and since before the hot wind

Of intolerance blew up from the scorching sands of  Arabia. 

Thousands of Yezidi women and girls

Forced into sexual slavery by the Islamic State,

Five thousand Yazidi civilians murdered during a forced conversion campaign.

And still the west did nothing to help the Yezedis.

On 10 August 2014,  ISIL militants buried alive Yezidi women and children.

Check the sources. It is recorded there in black and white. 

This genocide was part of a long, long campaign to wipe out non-Muslims in Kurdistan.

And the mealy-mouthed-do-nothing west did precisely nothing.

Except allow returning Daesh pedophile mass murderers, and their groupies,  into their countries.

Shame on HMG! Shame on Patel! Shame on us! 

Yezidis have been the victim of 74 attempted genocides.

There used to be 20 million Yezedis,   now there are less than  half a million.

Their persecution began with the arrival of Islam. Yezedis were accused of devil worship

Because, as well as G-d, they believe in the peacock-angel.

Tawusî Melek, an angel who defies God.

But, unlike Lucifer, does so to act.as an intermediary, 

To explain the ways of G-d to.man: an act of love and service which we are all in need of.


◄ Big Bill Broonzy

Now we rise, and we are eveywhere ►


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Paul Sayer

Thu 6th Aug 2020 04:12

Even when the sands were opened
the DNA retrieved
most choose to not believe.

Onlookers, Worlds media in Strasbourg.

Let the sands of time bury once again... What humanity disturbed. 😢

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Thu 6th Aug 2020 00:32

Heartbreaking. I will never understand violence or suffering. 🖤

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