Parents obligingly feed me

Teachers dutifully mould me

Between the two they slowly kill me

None of them remembers me

Not one has seen the problems facing me

No one knows the struggle that both put me through

To parents I'm a museum piece

And teachers treat me like a laboratory mice

Both so distant from me

Who cannot yet speak

Please learn the language of today and lock the past away

Lets get together and understand others too

So that strenght and weaknesses will make no difference

Then lets speak the language of today


AA 24 March 1977

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Abdul Ahmad

Sat 8th Aug 2020 16:15

Anmolpreet Kaur
Somtimes people assume they know what is good for others without thinking how it might affect them. We should encourage people to forge their own identity. One shouldn't be afraid of making mistakes.
Thank you for the like.

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Anmolpreet Kaur

Sat 8th Aug 2020 15:19

Expectations are one thing that sometimes hurts you in ways you can't express.
Every one expect you to behave in a particular manner without giving a thought about how u might fell about it.


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Abdul Ahmad

Sat 1st Aug 2020 17:15

Shifa and Po
Thank you both for your positive comments and the like is much appreciated.

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Paul Sayer

Sat 1st Aug 2020 16:13

Well 'old' friend you sound like your getting down with 'kids'

Keep writing with the innocence of a child Abdul and you will stay forever youthful and relatable.

Great write.

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Shifa Maqba

Sat 1st Aug 2020 15:26

"To parents I'm a museum piece
And teachers treat me like a laboratory mice", this verse truly struck a chord. At times even well meaning individuals can put you through pain without realizing the gravity of their actions.
Even if we can't read between the lines, we should indeed strive to learn the language of today and lock the past away.
Well expressed!

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