The Words of God, Jesus Christ

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  The Words of God, Jesus Christ

Ujjal Mandal, India, August 3, 2020


One day a farmer went out to sow seeds. Some seeds
Fell by the roadside and were trampled on. The birds
Ate  them and fled. Some fell on rocky ground.
They germinated as usual but dried up due to deficiency
Of water. Some seeds fell into the bush but remained
There after being trodden. And another seeds fell on fertile ground,
As the shoots sprouted forth so did the grain.
What does it mean to have seeds fallen by the wayside? 
The  people heard the words of God. But the evils robbed
The seed of truth from their heart and blocked their way 
To the Paradise. What  does it mean to have seeds left on rocky ground?
The people accepted the words of God, whose(people) durability of
Acceptance(God) is very little. When the test came and they moved away.
What does it mean to have seeds slipped into the bush? The people  heard 
The words of God. But remained hidden behind 
The curtain of mundane pleasures, temptation and stayed fruitless ever.
What does it mean to have seeds left on fruitful ground? Such people who
Heard the God with the heart of love and devotion and awaited
Until the fruit came out at last.
'The seed is the word of God' (Luke 8:11)


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