John Travolta Comes to Town

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John Travolta Comes to Town


John Travolta has just been to our town

Multimillionaire, Scientologist, movie star

He loves it and wants to come back here

Travel round in his limousine car


An autograph? Yes, but will cost you

Dollars 200 (quick scrawl)

It took him just only few seconds

You look what you got. Is that all?


You want to be photographed with John T?

250 dollars what it will cost

Why? He's a millionaire already?

I feel I'm being exploited at most


You want to be photographed with John T?

And take away a signed photograph?

Dollars 500 will cost you...


What a rip-off...


Barry Humphris freely signs autographs

and has photos with fans...


Don Matthews

August 2020.





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<Deleted User> (18980)

Wed 26th Aug 2020 19:19

Ha ha Stephen!

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Stephen Gospage

Wed 26th Aug 2020 18:06

I once proposed £5 for my autograph but people usually wanted more

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 26th Aug 2020 16:14

It used to be called "entrepreneurial" back in the day. Funny how
"fame" can be a magnet and BM is right about the aspect of selling himself. He is a "product" of an eternally appealing "let's pretend"
world that allows an escape from the humdrum reality of many lives...

<Deleted User> (18980)

Wed 26th Aug 2020 15:59

Good luck to him I say, and I'm being serious. People can choose whether to buy or not. What else has he got to sell apart from himself? He doesn't manufacture anything or provide a valuable service.

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Don Matthews

Wed 26th Aug 2020 11:31

Maybe I should go on a shopping mall tour. 50 bucks to have ya pic taken with Australia's future famous-to-be poet (No-one's buying my stuff so a bloke's gotta make a quid ...)


<Deleted User> (22444)

Wed 26th Aug 2020 11:21

Grease? More like greasing palms. I s'pose a bloke's gotta make a quid.

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keith jeffries

Wed 26th Aug 2020 10:40

Rampant Capitalism Don

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