English folk would bend the knee

For a sovereign or a bride to be;

But there are those whom it would please

To see all England on its knees.





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Kevin T.S. Tan

Wed 5th Aug 2020 10:43

I understand that a lot of issues today run very deep. And knee-jerk reactions somehow always end up on the internet. But it was actually a (very proud) Englishman who taught me to use kneepads when working in the garden. 😛

Still I think it's best if we all move beyond nationalism.

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Greg Freeman

Tue 4th Aug 2020 08:25

“We have crushed the British to the ground, they are on their knees and they will not rise for a very long time.” Aleksandr Yakovenko, summing up Russian achievements during his tenure as UK ambassador, 2011-19. That period includes the Brexit vote, of course. And the project is working, with a Russian oligarch in the House of Lords!

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jennifer Malden

Mon 3rd Aug 2020 23:01

Liked the spirit of this one! The kneebenders, if their knees are anything like mine, Brian, are more likely to be split!!! Great work for the orthopaedic surgeons, anyway.


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Paul Sayer

Mon 3rd Aug 2020 20:28

I've jerked a few things in my life... never a knee M.C.

Small and sweet. Loved it.

The sad thing is, it is going down.


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Brian Maryon

Mon 3rd Aug 2020 19:51

I'm hoping it will fade away in time...but baby showers and Haloween haven't so maybe it will be another thing to divide us a la Brexit. We'll be split between knee benders and non-knee benders.

Knee pad manufacturers - ramp up production!

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