Incessant Ramblings of a a Crazy Man

Temptation looms endlessly,
Dwarfing my little mind,

Making no sense of my sordid little ways,
Consumed by all,

For is it just a passing breeze,
Or the rock that has me be,

Is there life in what I am today,
Or what I am yet to be,

The heart does not know,
Oh, how very little it knows,
Of that which it gives the body and mind to,

The torment of the flesh is but a whimper,
To the maddening anguish of the spirit,

And the faint glimmer of emotion,
Fades until the end of the road is no longer in site,

And I am gone.


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Paul Sayer

Sun 23rd Aug 2020 08:34

Brian, what's this got to do with it?

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Paul Sayer

Sun 23rd Aug 2020 08:17

Follow me I'm right behind you

Turning I see my spirit holding me steadfast in the knowledge that madness overtakes me.

Ramble incessantly on crazy man!


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