Shadows of a face I see

Pain oozing beyond every pore

Blissful smells

mocking empty arms

Worthless words that shatter my core


Shadows reflect in the mirror for me

Dust resting in places not seen

Unnoticed stains

Caress faded floors

Memories blurring from what could have been 


Shadows saturate the world that I see

Dying embers of defeated hope 

Tainted blood

Cavorting through veins

Stoking despair in a heart that can’t cope


Shadows fill up a void in me

A darkness no one can know

A singular thought 

A black, sparkling want

Wretched notions arise from below


Shadows of a face I’ve seen

Hurt dancing like fire in my eyes

Gut wrenching cracks

A slither of pain

Swinging lifeless, my soul no longer cries


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