Hunger hides in the schools

Hunger hides in the uneducated

Hunger hides in a child's mind


Why should this be a political fight

We are not asking for a feast, just a little something to eat.


Sadness hides in the home

Sadness hides in the room

Sadness hides in the man on the streets


Don't want to run in your circle anymore.

Want to take that straight line leave it all behind


Pain hides in the head

Pain hides in the lie

Pain hides in the woman's box


Change your name change your life game.

Want to remove this pain just to replace with a different kind of pain


Ignorance hides in the tip of a pen

Ignorance hides in the words of a little girl

Ignorance hides in the toothless follower


Red hat, red mask dyed with the blood of the virus of millions 

Showing off how privilege you can be when it is only attention you need


Love hides in behind newborn eyes

Love hides in giving without a witness 

Love hides in a kiss unconditional.


More than a touch more than activity

Life, designed to be free


Hope hides in a morel decision

Hope hides in the silences before the dawn

Hope hides in the gift shop of the Obama Center


The last few dollars on a losing lotto ticket

Has more hope than what a preacher asks for in faith


Peace hides within the mind; the questions of life are inside.

Peace hides in the silence of nature  

Peace hides in the forgiveness of oneself


The things we search for we hide

The meaning to these feelings we hide 

All that we hide has become a part of life.


©Copyright Thomas Dooley 2020



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keith jeffries

Wed 19th Aug 2020 12:26


A well constructed and thought provoking poem which merits several readings. Well crafted and that which speaks louder today than in recent times.

Thank you for this


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