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Don't judge me with your bitterness.

Don't care how you dress.

To me, it doesn't matter who you kiss.


Love is a philosophy, not an activity.

Don't force your adjectives on me.

My acceptance is on the content of your character.

Selfishness is the only way you know how to care.


The way you walk through life. 

It is like walking on the edge of a knife.

Cutting awa...

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There she was sitting in her chair

The passage of time seen in her gray hair

She sits not in a chair on a throne of honor


Tea cookies and lemonade the silent child ate

Cookies salty-sweet this is how she will grow to be

Lemonade just enough tart you can see it from her heart


Words of wisdom in a melodious feminine tone

Encouraging us to rise up and tell me ...

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CookiesdreamsEncouraginginspirationLemonadeMaya AngelouPoetry 2020


Life is the reason for living

Even when society has a knife at your throat

Life is the reason for giving

Even when communities are divided by a moat

Life is the reason for loving

Even when you're not worthy to vote


Life is more than flesh and bones

Even when many are left out in the cold

Life is more than a valuable stone 

Even when many have to leave their home


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lifePoetry 2020


Brothers of sand

Holding signs, I am a man 

Daughters of dust

Holding signs life in her gut


Fathers of the past

Never thought how long this would last

Mothers of the movement

Never thought so many forget their commitments.


Brothers of man

Fictional to control and command

Daughters of woman

Subjected to the desire of lust


Fathers of the future


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BotherscommunityDaughtersfamilyFathersMothersPoetry 2020




To hear my voice in the silence of my mind

Unaware on the outside the passing of time

In these dark crevices, what is it that I hide


The sound of mid-tones words

As the prayer wheel turns

A Mantra for me, I must learn.


The superstitions of religion created in the past

Stained glass images are not what they seem.

Contradictions of the forgiver will condem...

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inspirationOm ShantiSpirituality


The wind in the trees the sound of what it like to be free

The cry of a newborn son is the beginning of love


Where is that mountain top where Martin saw the dream

Where is that path to the valley of peace

Where is that message of hope hidden from me


The wind on the water pushing the waves of the past

The cry of dignity echoing through these monuments and memorials



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social commentarywinddignity


Born of pain cursed to live that way

A forgotten name marked with shame

Guilt by association becomes your fame


A stolen name becomes the scares on the back of a forgotten man.

Fading away to become the dust of another land

Bitterness replaced by forgiveness justice is a slap of the back of a hand.


Born of pain the mind struggle the mental slaying 

The community broke...

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1619historynameSocial Politicalstolen


Hunger hides in the schools

Hunger hides in the uneducated

Hunger hides in a child's mind


Why should this be a political fight

We are not asking for a feast, just a little something to eat.


Sadness hides in the home

Sadness hides in the room

Sadness hides in the man on the streets


Don't want to run in your circle anymore.

Want to take that straight line le...

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fearfeelingshidehopehungerIgnorancelovepainpeacePoetry 2020sadness




Have you given up on me have I given up on you

What is it we really can do as we look like fools

Can't see the future past my own dreams

But can you say your truly free


Don't need no blessed beads.

Don't need no lucky rabbit's feet.


Just need our leader's minds to be free.

Instead of thinking of a destructive ideology 

They have a death wish for...

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Sambo bullied by controversy
His name appropriated by a culture to destroy history
To shame our ancestor's genealogy
Why use a child's name to create shame

Pancakes and ghee
About to have breakfast with Bhenji
Free to be everything even family


Sambo bullied by history
Another culture steels his story
Blamed for the generations pain
His story never told the same way again

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Hate and fear looking for attention
Believing everything told to you without any proof
Their power comes from your lack of education

White tears are colored with ignorance

Hate does not make you a hero
Just make you lose your job
Now your a zero

White tears are colored with fear

Other people that don't look like you
Not living the way you think they should
Call someone to correct...

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TearsPoetry 2020politicssocialjusticeBLM


I can't lie what I am feeling inside
I would hide the words that I write
Some times so embarrassed I could die

Muse me
Inspire what I think
Inspire what I dream

You changed for the attention
For me to see you is a form of affection
Now I don't see you the same way, you lost my attention

Muse me
Inspire what I see
Inspire what I feel

Poetic words drip from his lips
As the needl...

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Ms LeePrinceMusePoetrry 2020


Random thoughts from the heart

So much more than inspirational

Creative lines of words are where it starts


Poetic thoughts profound in rhythm and rhyme

Fractured word caught between inspiration and validation


Haiku is the poetic phlegm I spit at you

Wet and dry all at the same time 

No reasoning to the word that you choose


Poetic words with feeling and deep m...

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Poetry 2020


Distinguish the fires from last night bring justice to the light

Fighting through the social misery just to make it to the right side of history


Another day goes by and I am still here still alive

Turn up Marvin and sing along here the words still strong


Fighting in the streets a brother on his knees for justice and peace

All the while the leaders continue their deceit lac...

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Poetry 2010politicssocialjusticeBLM


You struggle with choices but you dance through the day
Reveling your change but your beauty remains the same
With the many barriers on your path, you still make your way

Blessed Dane
Complex male feminity there is no other way for me to say your name
Blessed Dane
A friend, sister, and brother confidence is the identity, you maid

Your confidence is yours, not under anyone's control

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Dane Figueroa EdiditransformationPoetry 2019


There is more then what you see
More than what you are told to believe
You can't have what you already own

Take back your peace it is more than anything
Take back your love there is beauty in every one
Take back your purity the way you live will make you free

Revolutionary soul
Much more than owning all the gold
Revolutionary soul
Much more than fame or what you think you know

A ma...

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political poemsoulrevolution


Legend a rumor puts shame to my name
As the Kingsmen sing it every day
They still get paid as it fades with age

First of June
I am still the same
But everything is new

Sharing my birthday with flag fondling tyrant
Don't want to be associated with that
My conception is a good reason for calibration

First of June
I just want to hear that new tune
Just want to feel that muse

Art i...

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JunePRINCEPoetry 2019


So afraid think I've lost my way
Every day in secret I would pray
Is anyone listening? what would they say

Some times I dream some times I lie
What I can truly be, I hide
From this boy inside

My darkest day my brightest nights
Looking at these words, I write
Will, they ever have their own life

Caught in a dream captured in a lie
Finding my way through life is the real fight
For th...

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Poetry 2020Elton John


There are times when I am sad
There are times when I am mad
So I stop and think of all the good I have

143 what does that mean to me
An expression its a feeling
It is a way of being

There are feelings I hide
There are feelings I keep deep inside
So I stop and think of words to express them
I start to write...

143 is more than a number
It is something we all hunger to hear
A feeli...

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Mister RobertsLove143Poetry


Wasn't looking for her but she came out of nowhere and got in the way

I don't think that the Queen of England acts the same

No cure for what she has she is a victim of her own pain


Karin cries when she knows she not right

Living in her own mental lies

Karin cries at whatever she finds

Loosing out when it has nothing to do with constitutional rights 


Threaten to make ...

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A King
Is the ruler of man
A King
Is admired protector
A King
Is wise in his decisions
A King
Sits on a thrown placed there by God
A King
A King

What is a King?

It is not children
Arguing over a legacy

It is not greed
A down payment on history

It is not a family name
A generation brings it to shame

It is not selling tickets
To a path paved by dog bite...

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Martin Luther KingPoetry 2016King


Music is a tribute to sound
From the wien of an electric guitar
Piercing through to your inner ear
To the soft sound of a violin
Played with emotion
It can Pearce your heart.

The voice is a tribute to music
The soprano, the base
The tenor, the alto
And falsetto
With the right word
The story of music can be told.

Music can touch the soul
With someone special
Or all alone

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MusicPoetry 2020Michael JacksonPRINCEInk SpotsNat King ColeSammy Davis JrLori Brown Mirabal


She was brought into this world with a smile
She took me by surprise
When she took my glasses and poked me in the eye
She was much too young to make me cry

Baby in the summer
You came when the sun was warmer
But you left me when it got colder

Baby in the summer
Six months was all that you could stay
Even though I prayed that you would stay
I didn’t know anything I liked more

Then ...

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Mariah Z. Woods
June. 17 - Dec. 2, 1991

Something special came into my life
A baby so soft so kind

Dear Mariah, you touched my heart
Dear Mariah, you will always be a part of my memories

Such a pretty little girl
A miracle to this world
With a smile on your face
it would be a happy day
Without a worry, life was okay

Dear Mariah, there are tears in my eyes for you
Dear Mariah, I...

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babymeningitispoetry 1991


Need to know where to go
Looking for the soul
Looking for the flow
Walking the back roads

Smell of pine
Sweetens the dry air
I have something to share
That's if any one cares

A walk on the back roads
Down Salem up Panola
Passing Cosby Bishop as he slumbers
A field full of names and numbers

A walk on the back roads
Just a path before it became a road
Now it's the long walk home 

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My muse found me today
She walked out from the April showers
Through the rainbow haze

She heard the prayer of this lonely one
She came back for a touch of happiness and love
She brought me many more words to use
She said you know what to do

Save your prayer-filled words for Christopher
Bring him peace when he wakes from his sleep

He had so much to say
But he sang it anyway

With ...

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Poetry 2016PRINCE


In this cycle of life, I look to see a land

Where peace, love, and purity was created by God's hands
The smell of tamarind, incense and many other things fill the air
I don't care just happy to be here

The bull goes where ever, the dog sleeps in the middle of the street.
A family of five balance on a motorcycle defying gravity
The blind *guru listens to the clink of a coin.
*Aap ke lie ...

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IndiaPoetry 2016


A runaway from the southeast

Fought through the storms of family

Chasing after love was all she could see


Growing up under government hand

Every time creating unconditional love

Think she found the right man


I was a friend and, in my mind, a lover.

But a gallon of milk was all she needed from me.

What I wanted to be could I never be


Don’t hide behind the d...

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Poetry 2016PrinceAndrea Lee


She got a hand for every one of her virtues
Showing goals a path for the soul
There is nothing she can do

A goddess with a wealth of spiritual beauty
The moon will dance for her

Golden completion the lotus blooms for her
Not obsessed with what she gives or what she gets
Everyone loves her children are named after her

She gives good luck with ever touch
Wisdom and p...

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Poetry 2016LakshmiIndiaGoddesshindu culture


She was 19 and alone

No place to call her own

Two packed bags was all she called home


Her innocence taken from her long ago

All she is left with is a head full of dreams

She became an adult before she became a teen


Now she is chasing after Paper Love

For thirty minutes maybe more

Just knock on the door


She got her own room

She controls the mood

She w...

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Poetry 2016PrinceMoneyprostitution


Mary came from the south part of town
She had a secret about many of the guys around
Never had a true friend every one tries to tear her down
Walking downtown is all she knows
Given paper love, she has the control
What she wanted was love that was good for the soul

Mary Soul
You have a friend
He doesn't care where you walk or stroll
He loves you for your soul

Mary had dreams
But did...

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Poetry 2016PrinceMary MagdaleneWomen



But still alive

Hear the jive

Still making every one high



Still have pride

Just found a new life

Still got that style



Another try

To get what you like

Slave to the mic

All you’re going to do is write 

Still got your fight

Got more new power

On your side



All funk to one side

Just your style

No name for you


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Poetry 2016Prince


Mr. Mac

Had slant in his smile

He walked with style

Find a penny and he'd pick it up

Take a vision to reality is what he loved


Mr. Mac

With the passion of an eagle

The focus of a turtle 

God shows him past all the hurdles

It made troubles seem so little


Mr. Mac

Took a boy from the street

Shown him what he could be

Changing him into a man

Shown hi...

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MacArther AndersonBishop AndersonPoetry 2016PCG


Got no compassion doing the devil's deeds
If you got dreams at the crossroads, where you can meet

Feeds you those deep-fried southern lies
You've eaten them so many times, lost your pride

Got no faith when the devil moved in
It got up out of there never to be seen again

Have a million dollars but nothing to spend it on
You sold that one part that makes you who you are
Now there is no...

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Poems 2016Blues


Get back to who you are
When you could barely reach the keys
But when you did the music was so sweet

Uncover who you really are
You're more than just a star
You are the sun and the universe move for you

You got to be a Princess before you become a Queen
So be that Princess you're meant to be
And just sing for everybody

Uncover who you really are
Show that true beauty that no one se...

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Poetry 2016PrinceAlicia KeysMakeupWomen


It has been too many days since I heard from you girl
Too many days since the scent of you filled the room

Photos of you and me on the shelf they just show the passing of time
Still dreaming of you and what life would be like
You're always on my mind

It has been 21 days since I saw you girl
21 days since we made regrets
21 days and I still have not forgotten you yet

In this lonely ro...

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Poetry 2016PRINCELovePain


The sun pokes its face.
Through the gray haze
From the rough top
I sit in my own peace.

Morning over Ahmedabad
Above the sandalwood trees
The feeling that is only found in dreams

The baritone call of a waking bull
The buzz of a motorcycle passing by
In the market debates of the price of dates
The clinking of the spoon stirring the mornings' chi

Morning over Ahmedabad
It is much m...

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IndiaAhmedabadTravelPoetry 2017


You are so cool
In the things that you do
You are so cool
There is no one like you.

I am a fool
To think I could be that cool
If I try too
It would embarrass you.

You are so cool
From the heals on your boots
You are so cool
To the way you wear your suits

I got to prove
That my talents are worthy of you
Got to try
To make my own style.

You are so cool
In the way that you wa...

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poetryPrincePurple OmensstylecoolPoetry 2018Purple Notes


The experience you just had
Has more value than any wealthy man

Dear Sister
Love is found in one tear from your eye
Your service to the one will never be done
A smile from your eye is bright as the sun

The story continues in you and all that you do
Sadness is for a short time but love is for a lifetime

Dear Sister
Surrendered to love now you know where it comes from
Living it uncon...

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Dadi JankiBrahma Kumarisspiritual bond


I beat the ground here with fists and with tears
Never to make a wrong a right and never to lose sight
Got to remember the stories and continue the fight

I beat the ground
At the base of the locust tree
So that the ghost of the strange fruit can be free

I beat the ground with marching feet
Every step closer to equality
Look at the black and white photos of the call for dignity

I bea...

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We walk separate paths in life
You walk your's I'll walk mine
Even when it is the same destination
So stop all the predictions

Just a guy walking through life
Looking for what everyone is trying to find
Just a guy walking like a man
Through the water and on the sand

Need no directions from theories or lies
Not from someone who needs a plain to fly
Got my own mind and my religion is j...

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The teacher warned me about you
Your just another cackling fool
The smell of you is just not cool

Wet chicken
Not enough sense to get out of the rain
Wet chicken
Always looking for someone to blame

Sitting on your stoop not minding what you do
So privileged sitting above everybody
If told to, you would eat the president's poop

Wet chicken
Not enough sense you got no shame
Wet chi...

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ChickenMAGA Hat

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