Two chubby gentlemen

sit by the curb

one dressed in green

one in blue

they are portly, yet affable

and have much to talk about

concerning their past week

the odd assortment

of things they collected

they await the coming

of the truck which will

give them chills and thrills

like tourists at Disneyland

they anticipate the ride

when they will be lifted by

that noisy mechanical arm

hoisted high into air

then turned upside down and shaken

like on a roller coaster

it's a joy ride

that too quickly ends

when they are deposited back at the curb

like woozy riders

they talk about the ride that was

each wild jerk and plunge

being back again on solid ground

they recall the exuberant experience

their roller wheels still wobbly

from the crazy ride.


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jennifer Malden

Sat 8th Aug 2020 16:21

Hi DK. We're talking about rubbish bins, right? very clever personalizing them. Have missed (in both meanings) your stuff recently, will look for your poems more carefully in future. Always a good read. Jennifer

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Emeka Collins

Thu 6th Aug 2020 21:23

Experiences of friendship is worth having anytime. I can recall a few with my friends. You have a great poem here

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keith jeffries

Thu 6th Aug 2020 15:56


I enjoyed this poem as it was able to transport the reader, through imagination, to share the experience of the two men.


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