Rhythm of the Storm

From where I sat in the safety of my home, I could have sworn the Earth was speaking. 

The wind whistled a tune through the cracks of the hollow walls resembling the sound of an old pan flute. 

Dark cranky clouds rolled over the blue revealing a grey atmosphere as drops of rain fell from above painting the asphalt in splatters. 

Just then the sky erupted into a thunderous song roaring from East to West. Without hesitation a bolt flashed  beyond the lush fields. 

Like a kickdrum beat the echo bellowed deep into the soil. 

Parched grass now green swallowed every drop provided until it's thirst was quenched.

Tree branches danced around in a aggressive manner. 

I watched as my curtains swayed back and forth due to the warm August air. 

The world sat still as the heavens poured down a symphony of rage. I peer outside my glass shield at this catastrophic masterpiece.

Once the Storm passes damage is sure to be done and pedestrians will aimlessly look about for mounds of debris to marvel at, powerlines will be toppled over and smalls town a wreck. 

Slowly a glimpse of light appeared between soft sheets of clouds, fresh rays spread brightly over my cheeks. 

All commotion stopped and just like that life returned to normal like not a thing happened. The sun was in full form now as if it were taking a bow.

It seems the rhythm of the Storm had come to an end. 



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Martin Elder

Mon 17th Aug 2020 09:20

you have managed to conjure up a great deal of rich imagery here. There are some wonderful lines and phrases. I look forward to reading more.

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Wed 12th Aug 2020 17:36

A love of the written words shows me that this is a sensuous poet who enjoys the interplay of thoughts - I sense a detachment somewhere in the interpretation of events . With respect Jordyn.


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Paul Sayer

Wed 12th Aug 2020 06:31

What a rhythm and rhyme you have so deftly crafted here -J

What a beat this has spoken out loud or even silently in my head.

..."Like a kickdrum beat the echo bellowed deep into the soil..."

Crumbs this poem has such a gentle and yet such mighty power.


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Shifa Maqba

Wed 12th Aug 2020 05:02

Ethereal imagery! Really enjoyed reading this piece 😃

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