Loneliness Too


Friends and acquaintances many,

Social opportunities galore,

Push button entertainment gives  

easy selections of programs 

but I’m needing more.


Creeping in like a dream,

The hunger emerges,

Feelings begging attention 

amid all else transpiring 

but not with a chance to ignore.


What little thing is missing?

More a throb than an itch,

The circulation of senses

from my brain to my throat 

that silently bruises my core.


I know it, I feel it,

Heart and eyes contract,

A yearning for closeness,

for kindness, withheld by those

with an intimate cure to restore.


Give in, I beg, and break through,

Aiming your thoughts to connect,

Closing the void which separates

my wanting spirit from that 

which my heart aches for.


But wait. There’s more. How can I

feel such a need and be numb?

How can I see when I’m blind,

hear only myself, and be dumb 

to those who like me, 

wait for a ring at their door?

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