Just kids

This bad kid 
good kid thing
I don't get 
The bad kids want 
to be good
The good kids want 
to be bad
What the bad kids want 
the good kids got
Except they don't understand 
except maybe for 
the want
What the good kids want 
the bad kids got
Except they don't understand 
Except maybe 
For the need
And what you folks 
don't get 
however much 
television you fill 
your reality with
is that there ain't no 
good kids 
or bad kids
Just kids
And what makes them 
good or bad 
are the chances 
that you give 
or takeaway
Always been the same
It's not about 
good or bad
It's about what you 
or don't want to 

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Nicola Beckett

Sat 21st Nov 2020 19:35

Agree x

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