Mystery of that Pink Bra

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Since the age of ten,

When I saw it for the first time...

I kept thinking, and wondering what it was!

By the time I grew in age,

It had turned an attractive rage.

I can never forget the mystery of that Pink Bra.


The elixer wasn't visble though,

But the cups had consumed them...

Draped in a an elegance the color pink.

I was so moved and curiously drawn

I visited shops & stall from dusk to dawn

Only to unravel the mystery of that Pink Bra.


She was beautiful and by all virtues gorgeous,

A name on every tongue, she was a lovely damsel

Her fascination was her gait apart from her spheres.

The mind would often get jammed

Whenever she crossed or rammed

The eyes glued to the mystery of that Pink Bra.


She would softly whisper and would toy me around

Her smiles would make me moan and that was the least

She was such an attraction! Oh I wish she was around.

Marvelous shapes with appealing size

She had the tendency to make it rise

Till this day remains the mystery of that Pink Bra.

Brayoung girl

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