Hide and Seek

Life’s a game of Hide and Seek
My hiding's strong
My seek is weak
Hiding mastered over time
Seeking’s new, I’m trying to find
Where is the best place we can hide?
The best place is deep within your own mind
It’s harder then to delve within
Hard to find almost anything
A good seeker will sniff you out
Feels your breath, senses your doubt
But mark my words
As soon as found
The hider will dig deeper down
So seeking is my practice piece
Hunt out the demons, fight the beast’s
Until at last no stone unturned
The seekers trophy I will earn
So where are you hiding
Am I cold, am I hot?
I’m coming to get you
 “Ready or Not”

© curiousdud3 08/2020

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Tue 4th Aug 2020 23:28

I'm becoming more of a seeker and less of a hider by the day.....still a long way to go 😃

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Paul Sayer

Tue 4th Aug 2020 23:00

I am counting to 10

Then I'M coming to get you!

I WILL find you.

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