The Stone Tower

The Stone Tower


For many a year I lived alone in a tall stone tower

its walls were sturdy and strong with power

The door was locked with a drawbridge and moat

inside its cold interior by candle light I wrote


From its lofty windows I beheld magnificent views

I had never been out so was only able to muse

One day in the height of summer the door opened to beckon me

for the first time I found the courage for my eyes to see


A long narrow cobbled path as straight as a die

did like a red carpet before me lie

I began an adventure into the unknown

leaving behind me all that I did own


There was no other building or person in sight

this concerned me as day was done with fading light

Then in the distance I saw a tall beacon

which drew me close toward its light to reckon


A lighthouse by the oceanside did stand

beyond which there was no more land

Its structure resembled my home in the tower

I entered in order to rest as it was nearly the twelfth hour


During the night I awoke to see an oscillating light

which at first brought about a sense of fright

Its beam shone this way and that then out into the sea

and I realised it was a sign made ready for me


This was an omen indeed to now explore

so I raced downstairs to the bottom floor

A sudden thought in my inner self did say

now young man you must choose the way



◄ Advance into Nothingness

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keith jeffries

Tue 4th Aug 2020 10:05

Shifa, Amatul and Paul,

Thank you for your comments.


Amatul Wadud

Sun 2nd Aug 2020 11:05

This is fantastic keith. I can so very well relate to this piece and I'm sure many would. Youth or any age, change can knock anytime. Grab the opportunity and dive deep down to find the precious gems and stones and beautiful Pearl's of wisdom and says.

Commendable. It was a swift flowing poem.

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Paul Sayer

Sat 1st Aug 2020 21:24

The path is always ours to choose.

Left or right
dark or light
step out
have faith
you are the acolyte.


A great poem to show the way, Keith.

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