The haves and have nots

The haves and have nots


Behind veils they are cloaked in disguise

their voices are inaudible and secretive with lies

They cooperate in order to manipulate for gain

egotistical they feather their nests with those they have slain

Fingers are pointed at others and away from themselves

they live in fear of blame and shame like frightened elves

Single minded in their pursuit of wealth

they are the masters of accomplished stealth

We who labour incessantly to earn our bread

are the contemptuous victims of the aforesaid

Without us their empires would soon crumble

our servitude is loyal and sustains their bubble

We accept our lot which comes from their pot

yet we know we fill this pot with an awful lot

A new world order is now on offer to those who pay

sieze it soon as time is passing and there is no other way

◄ It draws near

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keith jeffries

Wed 5th Aug 2020 23:07

Emeka and Paul,

Thank you for your comments as I find them encouraging and constructive.


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Emeka Collins

Wed 5th Aug 2020 21:16

Keith, this divide I see never bridges. It rather keeps widening especially here in Africa.
To rule is if you can't beat them join them.

I actually want to beat them up and toss them aside.

Great work.

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Paul Sayer

Tue 4th Aug 2020 23:02

There is a better way and we will show it.

They will remember us.

Prayers going out to the fire at the docks!

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