You Win

I surrender my arms.  
I’m tired of fighting you. 
You’ll always have the higher ground.  
I am powerless, insignificant,
against your superiority.  
You always win. 
You’ve always won. 
I have no defense. 
I have no hope
for coming out of this alive.  

Every time
I come crawling back
on my knees to let you in. 
Every time
you kick me when I’m down. 
You’d think in time
that I’d find some self respect. 
Stand up for myself
and refuse to entertain
the notion of coming back to you. 

Every time I try
coming back to life
I find your sword in my side,
your arrows piercing my skin.  
I fall to my knees before you,
my arms open wide. 
Your words like blades
slash open my throat
and leave me gasping for air
as I die slowly before your eyes.  

You win, you’ve won. 
You’ve gotten what you wanted. 
You are the ruler of your world. 
You alone sit enthroned. 
It’s all yours. 
It’s always been all yours. 
I never stood a chance. 
I was a fool to think I would. 

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Tue 11th Aug 2020 00:49

Nicola, you are so right. If our focus is to love one another then win or lose doesn’t matter.

Nicola Beckett

Mon 10th Aug 2020 08:12

Nobody wins or loses and kindness is never in vain x

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Mon 10th Aug 2020 05:31

Jordyn, as always, thank you for the like.

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Mon 10th Aug 2020 05:31

Keith, if my pain can help bring healing or understanding to someone then it has not been in vain. Not that I welcome it or want it.

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keith jeffries

Sun 9th Aug 2020 22:59

A poem with some very powerful expressions which leave the reader under no misapprehension what is taking place. This poem is revelatory at a time when gender violence continues unabated. A powerful poem.
Thank you for this


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