Here I am, in the moment,
Focussed on the here and now,
Enjoying the day for what it is,
Not knowing why, not knowing how,
Just gliding on the wave of the eternal present,
Not fretting on the future, nor locked up in the past,
What do I know of what is yet to happen,
And of the things that I have known, only lessons should last,
I refuse to carry the useless millstone of regret,
I cannot change tomorrow, or make yesterday undone,
If tomorrow is troubled then this might be my best day yet,
And if the future’s bright, then even better days will come,
So here I sit, just surfing on the moment,
Rejoicing in the, “In and out,” of every single breath,
Knowing, as I do, the only thing that’s promised,
From the moment we met life, is one day that we’ll meet death.

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Jason Bayliss

Thu 13th Aug 2020 16:42

Thanks Jennifer, sometimes the simplest lessons are the hardest learnt. Strange that for most of us there are so few, "Moments," when time is just a rolling cadcade of them. I think the problem is we only see them when we stop and look.

J. x

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jennifer Malden

Thu 13th Aug 2020 16:01

Agree absolutely with 'focusing on the here and now', and ' refusing to carry the useless millstone of regret'. It's always better to think positively about life, as things can go badly wrong very rapidly. This sounds rather trite, I realise!
Beautifully catches an important lesson in life.

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