An Ending



Nothings new

Nothings the same 

Nobody yearning

No one to blame 

Pretentious thoughts

Relentless smiles

Bloodthirsty thoughts

Sinless flesh defiled

It hurts

Pointless meetings

Insipid friends

Effusive pretenders

Matching the trend 

World keeps turning

Illusions are gone

Within the abyss

The demons belong

I’m scared

Watching from the shadows

Eyes glazed with sweat and fear

Dripping with anticipation

The reckoning draws ever near

Every muscle turns into venom

Every nerve stabs at my chest

Every breath secretes a wanting

Every inch, every piece, possessed

I want to go home

The darkness elicits it’s own revulsion as the whore becomes one with the night. 

Chaos bleeds its emancipation, as hysteria shrouds the light

Cold metal evokes a black compulsion, that thrives within a mask of desire

Salt water entices the sinister passion

Oozing dreadful love, dank and dire

Please. No. Please. No. Please. 

A sweet sound fills every moment

Divinity within every touch

Lifetimes pass as stars are reborn

Delightful whimpers destroy the hush

Please. I beg you. 

Nothing’s real

Nothing’s fun

Same old morning

Same old sun

Lifeless morning

Worthless day

Deathly palour

Cold and grey











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