Consequences II

Who killed bobby it was never proved
But to be honest, I'm convinced it was investigated properly.
And I should know.. I was the chief investigator
There were too many distractions with the case. Those witnesses.
Not only that but the fact was wearing pink knickers.. That was very strange, he never liked pink.
but his guts were cut out and replaced by pink jelly babies. He would have hated that.



(NB. I am running a very low key but fun writing workshop every other week and at the end of each one
for fun we are writing a Consquences poem with each of us who attends writing a line each.
Tonights attendees were Andy, Antonia, Mike, Reggie, Caroline and Amanda.

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Shifa Maqba

Fri 14th Aug 2020 07:41

A cleverly worded poem!

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Nigel Astell

Fri 14th Aug 2020 00:07

The Famous Pink Panther says - - -

Only the Chief Investigator knew Bobby hated pink
In his office a draw is found full of pink jelly babies
There was no witnesses on file.

He rests his case which has vital evidence inside of bright yellow knickers which is understood to be Bobby's favourite colour.

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