Don't want to hurt

I don't want to hurt no more
I don’t want to cry
Don’t want to curse no more
Don't want to live this lie
Inside I feel I’m dying
The pain it hurts so bad
I feel I’m losing control
Every day I feel so sad
I’ve felt this way for a lifetime
Thought I’d mastered how to cope
But the pressures getting heavy
Feel I’m living with false hope
Thought talking would help to free me
But I feel I’ve made it worse
With every word that leaves my mouth
I cause that little bit more hurt
It seems I’ve lost all emotions
Forgotten how to love
I want to find my feelings
But they just seem to be switched off
inside I need to find ME
Because my heart’s not made of stone
I have family that surround me
So why do I feel alone
Maybe it’s time for help now
Because I can’t go on this way
I do have strength to carry on
So I’ll fight another day

© curiousdud3 08/2020


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keith jeffries

Sun 9th Aug 2020 15:08

This is the first time I have encountered your poetry which I knew within seconds came from the heart. The poem is in many ways cathartic which is important for yourself. It is also a brave statement when one also takes into consideration your biography. It will spur others to be more positive about themselves.

I share your personal difficulties but not in such a complex manner. I can therefore express empathy. Keep on writing and do so with courage and honesty. In so doing you might well liberate many others in a similar predicament.

Thank you for this


<Deleted User> (24283)

Sun 9th Aug 2020 11:03

Good thought. Come out of doomy gloomy moments and rejoice. Life is precious so let's have some music, dance and rock n roll....common be happy n cheerful. No one's gonna be hurting if you use the pen to write the pinks instead of blues.....hey you....well expressed.

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