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My Blue Sky

Bulging bank accounts, classic art on the wall.
It doesn't impress me, it means nothing at all.
An expensive car in the garage just one of few.
Forever on long holidays where skies are blue.

It's not the life I want, honestly it's not for me.
No interest in sailing a private yacht on the sea.
A wallet bursting with plastic cards to the brim.
People forever dreaming of a record lottery win...

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Augst 2020 Collage Poem: A Beautiful Headache

entry picture

a foxglove lives forever down roman way
watching videos been recorded on Zoom in confusion
Warm southerly poem in the latest style
she's running scared
in the video matrix, seven poems for seven times, 
lockdown in a woke world, as nights are sooner 
and the transient have the final word  
behold, spake the King - my streets 
made of marble my canal’s water turned to wine
a chicken nugget...

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Also by Stockport WoL:

August 2020 Collage Poem: Out of the Earth |

August 2020Beautiful Headachecollage poem

Ring of bright water


Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Days of stormy autumn come
Mother, child, brother, son;
Memories, like dust, infect my eyes,
Swirling, like a Turner sky,
Land, sky, water, ripple by.
Like water under wind,
I begin to sing
Mixing grays and blacks and whites and blues,
With guitar chords to pull us through.
Chiaroscuro skies, tussling these monochromes
Into a piebald heavens...

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Your heart is in my hand

I have been holding it for too long

It is telling me to hold on one more time

For little long

Coming time, not sure 

It will mend the broken pieces 

To start a new story of love 

It's my expectation 

Not sure it will turn into reality 

But I will say it out loud 

I don't want it 

The broken pieces have formed a heart itself 

A heart of s...

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An Ocean of Time

An Ocean of Time


Memories reverberate across the ocean wave

you touch my heart on the crest of each nerve

I want to reach out but the mist of time says 'no'

yet for the sake of love I cannot let go


Time has not lessened my passion for you

despite all others my heart has remained true

I am blessed with good fortune yet sad

between us there was no room for anything ...

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entry picture

Sun will rise,

and I will get up at six,

one hour cycling,

to make my day fix.

I will cook for an hour,

and will get ready by nine,

will commute for an hour,

to reach my office line.

My office is in cultural centre,

so I will peep there in break,

will get inspired,

for my own happiness sake.

I will be back by seven,

then zumba for an hour,

will have dinner...

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I  commenced battle

and ended it swiftly

complicit in love's long game.

Rows of cups and saucers

and chipped face of cheese-board

dropped-heavy; the sink a salad bowl

of porcelain bones crunched

crazed; fuzz-hard green wires

absorbing like a forest roof.


I've hollowed out this morning

with a pen knife, stuck a wad

of shut-eye and shame

inside with the smell...

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In Caves |


Comfort in the skin

Skin is dry and flaky, rubbing my face wont change me. What I first saw when I met the innocence eye to eye. Mirror images reflecting back in time. It doesn't matter to me the reflection or reality I see, for the soul beneath is what is a real thing to me. Wear the brand of clothes that comforts you the most, as for me, you are the perfect blend of all the tagged brands to see and wear. A nice fit...

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Revolving Ringed Suns Of The Infinite Planet

A dog with hundreds of legs lying on its side breathing into huge lungs.


I have the hunger of an Erysichthon in my loins.


She remembers the womb and her birth so will she be present for the end as well?


Was Stanley Kubrick killed with arsonic then replaced and eventually executed for treason?


Conspiracy theories that create reality rather than report reality.



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Humour Don't Sell Papers

entry picture

Humour Don't Sell Papers


I've just read today's paper

It's full of doom and gloom

Murders, killing, destruction, death

Children being groomed


Headlines blare out constantly


There's so much negativity

(The paper I have closed)


Why can't I read, enjoy myself?

With lots of humour, rife

Instead of being subjected to

This gutter si...

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Every little thing
that could make you smile
should make you smile

doesn´t arrive in one piece
it is built slowly
and carefully
out of tiny bricks
stacked up
until they finally
form a house
a home
for your heart
to live in

Every little smile
ads a brick

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Also by Liam Osaneo:

eyes |

Rocking And Rolling And Wringing Wet

We were ambling in leathers down Florida Mall

When the sky caved and showed us its power

Like lightning it dropped, pure cats and dogs

What hip street cats call a power shower


Rocking and rolling and wringing wet

All conventions shot out of the window

The beat of Nature kicked in from nowhere

Man, can you dig that wind blow!


A summer storm cools down the street


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chilledrainrockingrollingsummer stormwringing wet

What a State

What a State


I watch the Yangtze river turn a murky shade of brown

Watch millions watch in fear as the torrent drowns their towns

Province after  province sweep away within the swirl   

As the river’s overflowing their lives now daily hurled

Deeper ever deeper into a watery abyss

Millions will soon be starving as basic food stocks they’ll all miss

Their leaders waging war...

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Underground (Part 7 to 12)

entry picture


Back from holiday
Your bag won’t stay on the rack
Wanting to go back. 


The wind pushes you
Down the platform like it 
Wants you off quickly.


Exiting August
At your stop train
Overfull doesn’t stop.


Maybe see you later?
Her question calls out to him
Tepid in her guilt. 


Complicated these are
The guard answers you smiling
Opening the ga...

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A shock response

Steve was on the phone to his wife,

"I have just had the worst experience of my life,

Sonia has just taken me to health care,

She pushed me there in a wheel chair.

I was leaving work and was hit by a van,

The driver was drunk and away from the scene he ran.

The police pusued the driver but all was in vain,

I am in hospital waiting for a scan on my brain."


"I have three...

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I can see you, even from so far away
I feel your presence in my heart
You keep me warm at night, with all of your love
And you hold me together when I'm falling apart
I only hope you feel me, and I truly mean this
I hope you know that I'm sending you all of my thoughts
It's a deep understanding, this wisdom we've gained
Has come from the countless battles we've fought
I hear you calling my...

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Dear Me

The illusion that you're living
Patty and desperate for attention
The conditions that you wanted is not meant
Your broken wings won't get you far

You have a problem with moving on
Darling, you think you wrote the rules to the game
I had to spell check them so I know better
The fabrics that hold your delusions together is ripping
I thought you said that you matured

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Seriously, just an ad. This is a link to my band's YouTube page.  Enjoy! 

Copy and Paste below ⤵️⤵️⤵️👽⤵️⤵️⤵️



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Move Away From the Pain

entry picture

Move Away From The Pain

     .....'cut' away from that majestic piano
Dear God, or the phrase never ends like your love,
     Cut away from the pain my Sentient,
For your eyes need never be dulled,

     you sit within hurt for the kind you are,
and exasperated we are at the folly of Man,
     as your eyes seek to heal and your love be heard,
Do they feel the being you are?


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A war has been waged between my mind and my heart. 
At fault is my flesh as it is loud and dangerous. I continue to find myself consumed by it's cries. I question your existence as much as I question your love. No matter your grace I still feel dirty. Doubt weighs heavy on my chest, igniting endless confusion. 

Though I long to heal wounds of the broken, a good person I am not. 
I may reach o...

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Christmas 2017

Waking up Christmas morning
with a sense of sadness in the air.
These walls are unfamiliar,
a lack of memories we've shared.

Christmas is a time for joy,
a time for laughter with the ones we love.
Full of special family traditions,
and praising our father from above.

But life is unpredictable.
In a moment everything can change.
What was once loved and cherished,
will never be the sa...

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entry picture

Saša Milivojev




The Ancient of the Days, 

can you see what he is wearing,

Cardinal shoes made of children’s skin

wrung out from the veins

Last drop of blood that remains 

overflowing tankers


Come through the secret bunkers

Descend to the underground 

To the cities of gold

The gardens in diamonds a...

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deep Statesaša milivojevsasamilivojevSatan


Where you are born is the passing partner of chance;

Of whom you are born is the invitation to the dance.


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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Missing my library

entry picture

How has Covid changed the way you live? Your local community? Many, many ways, probably.

One thing that has changed for me, one that I didn't expect to change quite so drastically, has been access to a library. I have none, and I don't know when/if I will again, which is heartbreaking. Libraries seem a magical, free service to us readers, but money is still required to keep them going. And Cov...

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Also by Maxine Rose Munro:

That year I was published A LOT |

bookscovidlibrarieslibrarylocal librarylove your librarypoempoetry

For Poetry To Survive


Theirs is a darker time than ours
obstacles to their progress greater 
and the pain in their minds more real.

They lift average people like us
for they work for the sake of people like us
sharpening the edge of our weapons.

They deny us nothing, but do we see?
Clearly they speak, let us hunt for our ears
and hunt for hands that might receive tribute.

We await their word, their ...

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Mirror of perception

'Mirror mirror on the wall,
Who is the ugliest of them all'.
Hearing the answer gotten so sad,
For the looks of it, he was not so bad.
Seeing himself ugly in every face,
But it was just his perception not the case.
Thinking of this day and night,
Forgetting the beauty was not in the face but inside.

Again giving himself a chance, he gathered courage.
Asking one more question, like a sag...

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beautifulhappyinner beautymirrorperceptionperspectivesadugly

"Help Meet"

"Help meet"

There are few humans like God
That could see our tears before they come
Draw close to us whenever
They sense our loneliness from afar
Snuggle silently to share our solitude.
Only you can share this cross with its thorn
Bleed and act as if you are not hurt

In every pain you sought my gain
You lost many too precious to find me
Love was all that mattered to you, and still do...

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Just kids

This bad kid 
good kid thing
I don't get 
The bad kids want 
to be good
The good kids want 
to be bad
What the bad kids want 
the good kids got
Except they don't understand 
except maybe for 
the want
What the good kids want 
the bad kids got
Except they don't understand 
Except maybe 
For the need
And what you folks 
don't get 
however much 
television you fill 
your reality ...

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Sunday Morning Thought

entry picture

I have been


Death has held me

Life has killed me

But you still think

You have the right

To give me advice

As if you’re above me

If you let me speak

You might learn


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Vibrations of Unity

Outrageous Carnival

definitely wicked vibes


Lavish make-up

enticing dance movement


Cascading colour

Manchester Pride Parade


Screening expressive

street party atmosphere


Somewhat different

but so - - -


are we.

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Party but staying safe

Our Turkish Garden

Our Turkish garden, early morning

so peaceful, calm and tranquil

Dragonflies dip, dart and dance

above azure water, calm and still


The pool is the centrepiece, blue,

crystal clear reflecting like glass

Cool, creamy, natural stone tiles

circled by freshly cut, green grass


The sound of cicadas, constant

invisible, cascading from the trees

The fountain water, w...

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The Conjuring

entry picture

The conjuring has begun:
true self coming through to shine like the sun
no longer afraid to show your face
accept who you have become

A moonbeam bathes the land
and you feel her pull as you stand transfixed
in her powerful glow you are betwixt
the shadows of the night
and the other side of light

Calling forth what has always been there
spellbound as you've been
trapped in a lair

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Escape August's veil

The summer's turned into autumn

by this August's sorcery.

It had wrapped the sun

in a dark blanket

and drained its warmth away.


Deceived by the cold breath

of August's treachery

nature has begun to go into lockdown.

Alas yesterday's colourful landscape

is now a wilting canvass.


I pray that the sun shall

soon escape from August's veil

its warmth to spre...

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C-19 is not a dream, or the name of a robot

It came very suddenly, a thief in the night

It won’t ever be something that time forgot

The effects have burned like piercing light


Not just lives lost, but jobs and business

Financial catastrophe across the world

It’s origin is clouded by those suspicious

of some sort of plot as insults are hurled


World leaders point th...

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Gone Before You Know

Listless and wanting more.
What the hell am I fighting for?
But I’ve got to keep swinging.  
While there’s still fight in me.  
Aimless, I’m a vagabond.
But I’ve got to keep moving on. 
There is no place for me here. 
I’ve got to get going, my dear.  

And onward I go. 
Be it fast or be it slow. 
If I stay here any longer
I’m bound to fuck it all up again.  

So I’ll put one foot

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Am I A Poet?

Do you look around?
    Does anyone???
The great ones did, and they wrote about it.
    (the mediocre ones did too)
They looked, no they SAW,
            And they wrote......
    They did not choose to see, they just SAW,
    And they did not want to write, they had to,
Because people who see would explode, vaporize, disappear, or something,
    If they didn't write.
The world has no oth...

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Dear Dad

entry picture

Dear Dad I miss you
I wish you were here
Someone to talk to
To ease my fears
You made life look easy
But now I know
Insides a struggle
Outside a show
I wish I had a moment
To show you who I am
I wish that you could see me
Now as a grown-up man
Just to know that you’d accept me
When life’s not gone to plan
To have you walk beside me
And show the world I can......

But I wonder........

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An Ending



Nothings new

Nothings the same 

Nobody yearning

No one to blame 

Pretentious thoughts

Relentless smiles

Bloodthirsty thoughts

Sinless flesh defiled

It hurts

Pointless meetings

Insipid friends

Effusive pretenders

Matching the trend 

World keeps turning

Illusions are gone

Within the abyss

The demons belong

I’m scared

Watching from th...

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Slave to the laundry

I'm a slave to the laundry.

It tumbles before my feet as if to worship me.

But it is the master and I am the slave.

I gather it's heaping mass.

Socks fall from the corners that are out of my reach,

Gracefully stroking my fingertips on their descent.

The change starts chanting in my pockets.

It's calling to me and I must obey.

The machines light up with pleasure,


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The wind in the trees the sound of what it like to be free

The cry of a newborn son is the beginning of love


Where is that mountain top where Martin saw the dream

Where is that path to the valley of peace

Where is that message of hope hidden from me


The wind on the water pushing the waves of the past

The cry of dignity echoing through these monuments and memorials



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Also by Thomas Dooley:


dignitysocial commentarywind

Ganesha Says!

This year I am so delighted

Blessed be her the way she is gifted

Appreciate her glow and grandiosity

I am moved by her generosity

She has weaved a magic…

Such a lovely devotee…

Source of fascination, pretty lady Mitha!


तिच्याबद्दल मी आणखी काय सांगू शकतो

अशी एक सुंदर मुलगी आहे

मी देव पुत्र नसतो तर

मी तिच्या मनात कुजबुजली असती

माझे हृदय बरेचदा कसे धडधडत आहे


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Also by Neilkanth:

Mystery of that Pink Bra |

mysterious woman

the political center

I got very little the bank owns it all

I recently got laid off from my job


looking for more work in security 

I’ve got my faith and my faith has me 


I get excited when he comes on TV

he says the things I need to hear 


he puts people in their place 

they’re getting ahead of me 


he’s a rich strong man 

I’m gonna be like him 


we got all these for...

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entry picture

বিরতি বিরতি বিরতি

চিরুনি হাতে নিয়ে সিলোয়েট বসে আছে

নড়ে উঠে যখন- সরে যায় তো,

একটু একটু করে নড়ে নড়ে চুল আচড়ায়।

ভঙ্গিমা হয়ে থাকে—

একটি মেয়ে মানুষের-


মেয়েটি চলে যায়, উঠে- আয়নার কাছ থেকে।

চিরুনিতে- লেগে আছে দুইটি পাঁচটি চুল- চুলের উপাত্ত

ঝরা, ঘ্রাণ ঝরা, ঝাপসা হয়ে আসে আলো অন্ধকারের কাছে—

অন্ধকার আলো ও আলোর উৎসকে নিয়ে ট্রল করে

কিছু মুর্ছনা তাও হয়

বিরতি বিরতি ব...

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Seed of the fruit

What if these once shivering timbers could talk

Tell tales about those who once walked between them.

The scenes they’d not so much seen 

As absorbed with the salt of the spray

And the tears, shed in the triangular trade 

in which so many souls were bought

And sold, young and old alike, back in the days

When the darker fruit of the tree of humanity

Were just another commodit...

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I pride myself on living by a code from days gone by

When gentlemen were gentlemen – at least, I always try;

But times and attitudes have changed from when I was a youth

I often feel quite left behind; this verse will offer proof.


While shopping at the local Spar I’d bought a thing or two

And patiently I waited for my turn within the queue;

I stood behind a woman, quite attr...

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Never be, “Too tired,” to offer a consoling hug,
Never be, “Too busy,” to listen to their woes,
Never duck their questions and give them a dismissive shrug,
'Cos you’re the one with answers, if you’re the one that knows,
Knows their deepest fears and the things that stress them most,
Knows the things that make laugh, knows what makes them cry,
But only if you listen and holds them when ...

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As I watch the waters flow

As I watch the waters flow

It calms my soul 

As I watch the light ripples

My heart mirrors its beat 

Smooth, serene 

Somewhat still 

As they move to the wind of God 

Going only where the Father blows. 


Lord, let your living waters flow.


By Faith Olajuyigbe, author of Words of Faith

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