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Screams of a black man

Let me exhale 

Wait a minute

Let me exhale


I have been hurt 

Mentally, physically and emotionally

I have been ridiculed

Called names 

Shot at 

For what, because of my skin?


Take a look 

Yea in the mirror 

Now take a look 

This time at me

Tell me 

What do you see

Two hands, two feet, two eyes 

They are no different than mine

Separated by ...

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The day after yesterday and the day before

entry picture

The past is held in the un-cut clearing
all the way to the other side of the cricket ground
and past the greenhouse
which you reckoned must have had a few balls
smashing through it over the years
and the nearby college,

drawing a line between the future
and what lies beyond the other side of the gate
leaving nothing but shadows
and rattling doors
of the boarded up club house

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Also by Andy N:

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No humans live here

in my dream

I follow a Shepherd

without a flock

to a far away land

beyond the blue remembered hills


we do not speak

l'm guided along

with signals made with his crook

I obediently follow


there appears before us

a foreign place

bathed in golden light


I saw no human habitations


stretched out in front of us

countless mounds of earth


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Also by Abdul Ahmad:

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Leaving Home

Leaving Home


I kicked off my shoes in disgust

as I had more time to waste and wait

I was impotent because of my age

bound by the law to adhere and acquiesce


I stood and fumed barely able to conceal my anger

I wanted to smash something, a nearby fish bowl caught my eye

The word livid was beneath the surface of my soul

I was about to explode at any moment


I ...

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Also by keith jeffries:

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An Open Boat


The children
stuck there at the top of the ferris wheel 
swaying between this view and that
an open boat comfortably settled in the sand
decide on further investigation 
it's only at the end of the day
exhausted and entering sleep
the children
aware water follows every path down
they'll run a proud hand along 
the smooth gunwales of their own little skiff
thought they...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

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I believe firmly
that all shards
no matter
how small and fragile
no matter
how fractured and forgotten
no matter
how long ago
they broke
can be mended
can be reassembled
into the vase they once formed
and that this vase
can be as strong
and as beautiful
as it once was

I firmly believe
that nothing
is beyond repair
can´t be mended
it just takes
more and more work

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Also by Liam Osaneo:

walk | float | letterbirds | city |


Aim to Please

Some men only aim to please 
They constantly beg and plead

For you to answer their call
For they need you before they fall

Much deeper into a low
Where all it takes is just one blow

Job into a thousand highs
Or a long sorrowful goodbye 

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Also by kimberly:

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Forgetting such moments are not a cinch

Wow factor is a life free of glitch

Those moments are just dreadly screams

Even so, they are just dusky dreams

Panting, whimpering, yearning and lamenting deep

Hark! wake up before they engulf your luminous tinge of last beam...

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Also by Nayla Shahyd:

Misery | DEAR | Premonition |

glitchLast beamluminousmomentsscreamyearning


Your work lacks suffering
I hear the happily satisfied 

Middle class tones underlying
Everything you say

And there’s not enough space
In our collective hearts for it

After a hard day it doesn’t 
Ask the right questions

Or provide the right

And I’m happy you’ve found love
But if you write about it

It just might fly out from under 
Your pen and then your songs


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A first class move

A man gets on a plane and sits in first class,

He was approached by the stewardess,a friendly lass.

"Sorry sir you'll have to vacate your seat,

And move to economy to rest your feet."


The man was adamant he was going to stay,

Even though first class he did not pay.

"I'm going on holiday to Torbay and I'm staying here !"

"First class you didn't pay sir,you'll have to move ...

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Filey Butlins 1960 something

Filey England 1960 something. 


The shed smells of shit


Its not a shed its a chalet

Its boxed happiness

Its freedom

From desolation

Its a summery


With a swimming pool


Full of polio


Cold shivering 

skinny kid


Its the place

We leap

Like national sheep

Laughing in unison

Drunken fornication

Shimmering castigation


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Also by I'm not a poet:

New York New York Bronx. |

Hand Count

entry picture

Hand Count


Sixty times a minute

I have travelled round this face

Three thousand six hundred times an hour

I have faithfully kept pace

Eighty six thousand four hundred times a day

I’ve ticked along

Six hundred and four thousand eight hundred times a week

Always right and never wrong

Eighteen million one hundred and forty four thousands times an average month


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again & againclockday 30(91)live lifenapowrimo2017passing timeprocrastinationsecondstime

100 Days of Lockdown

A hundred days since lockdown began, stockpiling days seems so long ago.

Rationing of pasta, toilet rolls, hand sanitiser, the empty shelves full of woe.


Non essential shops closed along with gyms, restaurants, bars and schools.

Only two persons allowed together, was just one of the new lockdown rules.


A tired nurse went to the shop and broke down, she cried in sheer desperat...

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I was fine in my bubble

just some Moses in my own parting

and yes, you ruined my thoughts

and spun me in antonyms


I always wondered

why I prayed for apocalypse before sleep

and waking up, still whatever,

whatever, was always



whispering planets secretly in my ear

you left me jungles and deserts,

you handed me worlds I never knew

what to do with


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Also by Clive Culverhouse:

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entry picture

I've seen one like a rose,
Permit to pluck thee
First sight I doze,
Thanks be thou who made me see

This breed is special,
Thou made of meek and honey
What could be more vital,
If thou isn't a journey 

Permit to make thee a garden,
Where birds would be guards 
There none would be stolen,
Thy fairness told with regards 

A being stunning like snow,
With thee I sow!

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Every Morning

Every morning when the birds are singing . They answer my calls and sing me a Song . You feel all is well . What ever they are saying . What ever they feel you can tell . They bring joy . And happines for all . When whistling there tunes . From near or far . What a reaction . O what a Joy .

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Also by Wendy A Higson:

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A Successfully Amazing

For my women you are Successfully Amazing.
Successfully Amazing at its best.
A walking human of love.

As natural as can be don't let the demons in the world take that from you because you are
Successfully Amazing.

Potential of Success and Ambition
Amazingly Beautiful to human recognition.

Hey do you see the way she walks.
Tall and straight with confidence.
She's Successfully Amazing.


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#women #poem #successfully

No more masks(Revised 2)

A poetic drama (One Scene)

( Egypt’s parliamentary farce)

(The spokesperson on the presidium strikes the table with a wooden hammer and asks for order. Participants become quiet.
Raise your hands and reflect your views on today’s point of argument— The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD ) on Blue Nile. Various people representatives raise hands,
The spokesman say...

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Also by Alem Hailu G/Kristos:

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#facebook,#friendship,#loss of friendship,#Social media, #lockdown

You don't have time and so

You're fading slowly from my life

Messages left hanging

Like smoke rings in cyberspace

But the fading is masked

By a feeling of liking and being liked

Which I tend to persist in

Because you still 'like' my stuff

As I do yours

And that seems to be a close enough equivalent


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facebookfriendshipLockdownloss of friendshipSocial media

The Cavalry



And something in between.


I guess you could say a small sail,

This way beneath the highlands,

But it’s never the end upon great merits.


Yet the steps in snow hold value besides me,

And the weight of the wind presses on thee,

But the things still stand between reverence.


It’s to be seen in a similar light,

That which makes one free,


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Also by Alita Moore:

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From this point on,

I promise to be strong.

I promise to put my babies first, and be a good mom.

I promise to do my best in righting my wrongs.

I promise to remember the word patience...even on days that seem long.

This I promise to you:

I promise to always be true.

I promise to always love you.

I promise to always be your best friend. 

I promise that for t...

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Also by Andrea Rodriguez:

DETERMINED | Destiny | Remember |


A working-class poet

entry picture

I dedicate this poem to the man behind the mask


A working-class poet


I don’t consider myself a good poet

Because I make a word rhyme

How hard can it be

To rhyme one word in a line

The task is really no task at all

I mean how can you fail

How can you fall?


I am a working-class poet

If a poet at all

Using grandiose words

that plebeians can’t underst...

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Po's poem to himself


entry picture

Ankles crossed and

toes waving I

sigh at the clouded

light that creeps

across the kitchen,

through its windowed


its walls ignored

my jailed stare.

Tomorrow will

welcome frustrating


I look at my stilled toes.


Words and image Tommy Carroll

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

Watching Stillness |

The Fear of Grief

It’s increasingly hard to be mindful
The moment’s a beauty but the future’s a minefield 
I’ve seen my parents lose theirs, grief alter their foundations
It squeezed youth’s last breaths from their necks
turned to face me and told me that I’m next. 

Sadness I can take, but it’s the loss
How can I ever push through the feeling of being robbed 
Consumed by a weakness that my parents never kn...

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Conversation With My Girlfriend

Oh my Amy, tender hearted, oh my Amy, mild and meek,

Could you lend me fifty quid, I'll pay you back on Wednesday week?

Lend you fifty quid? Get off it. Lend you fifty quid? Yeah right.

I'd not lend you fifty pence, you lazy, worthless, drunken shite.

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Also by branwell kent:

No Sense Poem | You're Never Too Old |


after all these months

I may have decided to let you go

because we both know we never belonged to each other

but deep down I still crave for your touch

your fingers carefully moving around my body

your smokey lips on mine

my head laying on your chest, your hands caressing my hair away from my eyes

your arms embracing my tiny body and you saying sweet things in my ears till I f...

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Also by Kashish Dawar:

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I refuse to let you go!... although you are not mine to claim.

Even more so after every stolen moment together.

My soul feels as though it's occupying my body for the first time.

I can feel and hear my laboured breathing while the sweat created from the explosion of passion runs down each temple.

I hear nothing else but that sound...dragging me back to the moments before when you enter...

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forbidden desiresforbidden lovelove and romance

Shadows Of Our Brain

entry picture

The place that reside

Million neurons alive

Foramen Magnum leads the way

To many chambers that lay bare

Bare I say

For there is nothing that stays

Except for one

The chamber that contains

The memories to hold

The memories that haunt 

The memories that form 

The shadows of our brain

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Also by Anmolpreet Kaur:

Feelings | A Mighty Word | Lost Soul | Mute By Choice |

Of the counting down

When my youthfulness was running sweetly

and of age did not anticipate

assumed immortality my life be filled completely

not knowing, time the stranger would not wait.


With that stupidly blind assumption

any thoughts of death were furthest from my mind

but the ticking clocks consumption

had my grim guaranteed certificate duly signed


How shocked when my realisations


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Sentinel | Love unquestionably | Johnny's old roller | Grinning and bearing it | Comparing evaluations of Natures omnipresence's | Magic Mechanic | Knife edge of love | Hush time | F-Armageddon | morbid reversals |

Cryptic 9 down 1 across

Cryptic  9 down 1 across – after Malika Booker

Poem inspired by “The Golden Shovel” technique - A Parable of Sorts by Malika Booker the line used was “Us black rats with our rouge swagger that spoke.”

The title is taken from the number of lines in the golden shovel but also based upon the fact that black people are 9 times more likely to be stopped and searched in this country.

We knew th...

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What's for dinner?

'What's for dinner, chef?' said the house fly,
From his perch on the roll of kitchen towel.
He wasn't to know.
'Nothing you'd like.' I sighed
'Surprise me!' he replied.

It is summer, and last night,
Mosquitos robbed me of blood and sleep.
So when cooking a pasta sauce,
Zoroaster's recourse
Is a creed that I heed.

'Go on, surprise me!'
So I did. And I was right.
He didn't like it.


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I ain't a puppet!!

I ain't a puppet, and don't wish to be one

This life is mine, I wish to live and have some fun

The way I want to live in city or wilderness 

It ain't anyone's task to see what I don't want to see


I ain't a puppet, so let me be what I want to be

I have my dreams and wishes so help me achieve these

I do wish to help you with your wishes too 

But for that don't bury my dream...

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Criminal deceit is out on the street

Along with its partner in crime called conceit.

The far right's in plain sight,

The far left's more discreet.


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Also by M.C. Newberry:




The little scavangers,
At the school fence,
Piercing the school window
With a look tense.

A boy of ten,
And of five,
Accompanied with a girl,
Little bit a knaive.

Oh my God!

They're entering into the fence,
All the boys and girls inside,
Looking at them,
With great malice.

Somebody says, "Call the guard."
While some suggest, 'police'
But I'm at my wits end to know,
What cre...

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Dispell the Darkness of Death! | Bring the Dragon to Book  | Let's Stop the Coloured Masquerades... | Explore Missing Edge... | .. be Ready to Change.. | (untitled) | ON YOUR DEPARTURE... | TEACHER | BEAT DOWN CORONAS ,,, | Only Future Knows | Scavanger, the King of Corona | Only Hell for You | COMPLETE CALM | SHIVA : THE SAVER | Be Believer, Be Bold... | MERRY TRIBUTES | WE POSSESS HUMAN SOUL | But Not This.. |

Solitude Where Are You?

The story is the same

It’s always the same

Escape from wall to wall people

Festivities, trivialities

Desiring a different experience

Hear my heart beat

Truly breathe

Solitude where are you?


For once to be truly alone

Ways to seek

Seek and you will find

New Year’s Day finds me in a forest

Far from the moderate crowd

Rain lashes down and I care not

The ...

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#inspiration #spiritualgrowth #nature #meditation

Alien nation

entry picture

A flash of remembrance on a start again day
The crumbling of memory, times fade away,
The dominant discourse is undoubtedly drear
The rolling of thunder, the future unclear. 


Mesmerised masses accept the news of the day,
Never question the legitimacy of those who hold sway,
This woke intelligentsia virtue-signal it's true
They tear up the debt that we owe to the few.



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Also by John E Marks:

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There Will be a Time

There comes a time 

when the tiny sapling will be a tree

ignoring all sighs,wounds and strom.

If you wish ,come and sit

under its shade.

There will be time when

we tide over the vortex.

There must be a time when

live to the fullest extent again.

Hold you fist tight and welcome 

the sobs and pains now.

Tomorrow we shall sing again.

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An Enmity ! | Suddenly... | Mystic Pain | A Tale You Know | Being a poet | Shadow | (untitled) | Makeshifts |

One Life is Not Enough!



One Life is not enough

For those who are optimistic

those who have positive thinking and progressive mind

To create things, to implement ideas

To explore all colors of life


Life is like an ocean of opportunities

to explore talent,

to see the whole worldwide,

to discover new aspects of life by connecting things with ideas

which can’t be grabbed at a time


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entry picture

(This might come across as a bit dewy-eyed.  In fact, although I made a good living out of it for more than 20 years, for the sake of the planet and my grandchildren, I don't mourn the loss of the coal industry)


Around the town of Barnsley there were 30,000 men

In hey-days of their glory; that was when

They worked the local mines for coal,

Descending down a half mile hole

To sc...

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Also by John Coopey:


Park Life

The light flickers and quivers,

dancing on the ground.

Above my head the summer foliage sways in the breeze.

Thick and luxuriant,

it ripples and undulates like shifting waves of greenery in an ocean of leaves.

I inhale the intoxicating presence of the avenue of trees, 

gazing at sunbathers spread eagled on the grassy slopes

and walkers strolling gently downhill.

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Also by Jill Ashforth:

Lockdown Walk | Dawn | In Memory | Rain |


Spain? No Way Pedro!

entry picture

I'm supposed to be going to Spain next month

but I shan't be going


Most people pronounce it wrong

but I speaka da lingo

pero solo un poco


Packed in on the plane facemasked

with restrictions galore in the resort

I can't be doing with it

So I won't be going to Spain

I'll be staying at home

living a life mundane

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Also by Brian Maryon:

IN ASDA | Footie's Back! | Inspired by an Old Fisherman | The Mob |



I love you like an atheist makes the sign of the cross; out of reflex, with no real hope of finding salvation or heaven.


I watch you like I’m a firefly trapped in a jar, sometimes envying the finality of the moth that was free enough to find its own flame to ride into peace.


I find you in the lines of love stories, the clink of a knife upon a glass, in proclamations left unsai...

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Before I'm put to rest

Before I'm put to rest.

There's some life lessons I've learnt.
Never betray your own heart.
Even when you fall in love

Before I'm put to rest.

Take heed in the advise of others.
Because life is so uncertain.
So focus, don't wonder

Before I'm put to rest.

Do good in your life and take care of your people.
The blessings you feel.
So answer their prayers, even if they tell you they don't n...

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Arrows of Rain

To hang on a wall of my empty room,

I think I will need a picture of rain.


Hitting the ground, and springing up to ankles,

Rain wets the socks and trousers from below.


My eyes chase along

Roof-edges, streets, sidewalks,


--tick, tick, tick--


Checking all, one by one,

To find a dark brolly,


And a woman in black enamel shoes,

Lightly treading the...

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Also by Michael Kwack:

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My Chair

My chair has been around for many years

It has supported me most of my life

It’s structure has mainly been very sound

Colour not always of choice but needed to blend

in with the requirement to fulfil its purpose


My chair has changed from time to time

It has seen many aspects of life and rooms

that didn’t always do it justice

in terms of ambience and mood.

Mood, ah y...

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Also by Rick Varden:

My Chair | Masking the Truth |


A change is welcome

for the Lord

whether we want it or not,

for whatever reason, 

when HE feels it

to be truly just

by losing hope

due to a picture worst:


Some of us sacrifice,

what we love, 

for a reason

valid for recreation,

and some of us walk

a pilgrimage

shouldering a weight,

for a cloudy past. 

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Also by Dr. Kishore R. Nikam:

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ImbalanceLordweight of loss


entry picture


(For Little Richard)


You liked to make a noise

Banging pots and pans

To accompany

Your boyhood singing


And always raising the key

Until they threw you

Out of the church choir

For making ’that sound’.


Later it made you great

A wop bap a loop bop

Tutti Frutti

Good Golly Miss Molly!


In and out of religion

And of confusing sex...

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