Get Me Out Of Here

This year for my holiday,

I thought I wouldn't go very far.

Instead of taking a flight,

perhaps I would travel there by car.


I could holiday in the UK, 

Scotland, Wales or down south.

Due to recent events,

I won't be heading to Bournemouth.


I watch the news in horror,

what happened to common sense.

Who are all those people,

are they actually all that dense.


litter and lager lout crowds gather,

they truly are such fools.

Who do these folk think they are,

defying the lockdown rules.


To be honest I don't like the idea

of airport queues and stress.

Four hours masked up on a flight

only fills me with distress.


Perhaps I should take that risk

and fly away to a better place.

Where people are respectful

towards others and their space.


Basically I wish I was famous,

just for two weeks of this year,

Fly away on my private jet,

I'm a celebrity, get me out of here.

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julie callaghan

Mon 29th Jun 2020 16:38

Thanks for the likes and the comments.

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Ghazala lari

Mon 29th Jun 2020 16:03

This is seriously what most of us desire. I hope it works out for you.💐

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Don Matthews

Mon 29th Jun 2020 15:56

are they actually all that dense.?


Come to Australia. We got common sense....

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Mon 29th Jun 2020 15:10

Mr Cowell has just got himself a new car

the cost? too many 0000000000000000 to even know.

it could send every member here at WOL on a nice little retreat.

still, he deserves it.

AS for your hols Julie

best stay at home just a tad longer perhaps.

great poetry like this is not cheap

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