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Hand Count

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Hand Count


Sixty times a minute

I have travelled round this face

Three thousand six hundred times an hour

I have faithfully kept pace

Eighty six thousand four hundred times a day

I’ve ticked along

Six hundred and four thousand eight hundred times a week

Always right and never wrong

Eighteen million one hundred and forty four thousands times an average month

Relentlessly chasing time

Thirty one million four hundred and forty four thousand six hundred times a year

Still running – in my prime

Three hundred and fourteen million four hundred and ninety six thousand times a decade

Ever onwards never slow

Two billion three hundred and fifty eight million seven hundred and twenty thousand if you live to seventy five

A steady measured flow

So don’t tell me you can’t find the time

For simple pleasures or for fun

My hands have signalled perpetual motion

It’s time to do what should be done


napowrimo2017day 30(91)clocktimeagain & againpassing timeprocrastinationlive lifeseconds

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Ian Whiteley

Wed 1st Jul 2020 14:40

thanx for the likes and comments
the maths is impeccably correct - the poetry less so
glad you liked it

<Deleted User> (24283)

Tue 30th Jun 2020 15:15

A virtual time clock ticking towards everything that's meant to be. Time approaching incessantly. Hands to move to hand it over.
Calculative write. Good one.

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