Sickle Cell Is No Joke

Dealing with pain is no joke to be taken.
Having to feel struggles every day of your life  with a Chronic illness is another thing.
When you are crying tears because your body is hurting from head to your toe and all you hear is take your pain meds knowing that you just took them 4hrs ago.
Time and time again you hear people say you are faking.
There's no ways you can ache every day.
How would you know?
Having to deal with the sickling of my cells clogging my blood vessels, stopping oxygen from flowing to my heart and other organs in my body.
 Having me to take these silly medicines that's messing me up even more than I was before. Not even knowing your shit about what's really going on in my body dealing with sickle cell and you having lack of education, because your books dont really tell so much about a mostly black disorder order.
 Live in my shoes and walk at my place less see how much you can face because
Living a normal lifestyle can be difficult when you know deep in your mind if you do to much excruciating pain will hit you twice as hard as it did before.
Find us a cure!

Happy National Sickle Cell Day!


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Sat 20th Jun 2020 00:37

Thank you!

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