The Truth Of Colour

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The Truth Of Colour


The colour of humanity

Is not white skin

Or black skin

Not brown skin

Or yellow skin


It is the red blood

Of a beating heart


A blue shield

Is not the colour of humanity

When it takes a life


And all the greys

of muddled opinions

cannot change the truth


that a man could not breathe

because his skin colour

was not the same

as the knee on his neck


Anything else

Is an untruth

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Ian Whiteley

Sun 7th Jun 2020 13:29

love the poem Greg - and there are still those who won't accept it's happening 😞

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Paul Sayer

Sun 7th Jun 2020 07:23

Greg I would like to thank you for this link...

That last line reverberates like a beating drum, echoing down the years.

..."You white sepulcher,
Pretending to be uncorrupt of sin,
While worm-infested, rotten through within!"

Makes you think

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Greg Freeman

Sun 7th Jun 2020 00:04

I hope you don't mind, Ian, but I'd like to post a link to a poem I discovered tonight, which was written in 1945: 'Look within' by the Jamaican poet Claude McKay

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Ian Whiteley

Sat 6th Jun 2020 23:46

thanks for the comments
on a line by line basis I would be interested to know which line(s) you feel are incorrect MC - bearing in my mind this is my truth from what I have seen in this incident and many others - directly - not just in the media. If you believe otherwise then that is your truth - and justice may or may not follow - depending on who owns it 😉

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Greg Freeman

Sat 6th Jun 2020 19:58

We all saw the knee on the neck, MC. 'Cool and dispassionate assessment' in modern-day America, with Trump
at the helm? You'll be lucky.

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 6th Jun 2020 18:08

How about leaving "the truth" to be established via proper enquiry in
the appropriate forum established for that purpose? Political
demagoguery and media demonisation have no place in enabling
the process of cool and dispassionate assessment to determine motive and/or guilt. Assumption is no basis for judgement.

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