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Creation Myth

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Creation Myth


If you were God

You would create a back story

On how you came to be


Something about a mother

And a father coming together


You would gradually create

The world around you

And the history of what went before

In order to keep you sane


You would form existence

to fit your needs

And each thing learned new

Would be to satisfy the rules

Of your universe


What you did not know

Would not exist

Until you knew it


People would be generated

To serve your purpose

And recalled to limit

Over use of unique material


You would create self suffering

And self pleasure

To penalise and reward

The continuum


Interaction would be allowed

Within self-awareness only

Or sculptured from the convenience

Of concepts such as

Television, books and the internet


If you are not present

It does not happen

It is only reported

As happening


When your system shuts down

There is nothing

Blackness resumes

Until another spark

Of self awareness

owns the darkness


even you

dear reader

do not exist

when I am not there


Gods are never lonely

In their own heads


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Ian Whiteley

Sat 20th Jun 2020 13:18

thanks for the 'likes' and comments ?

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