A pandemic is on the horizon far worse than the coronavirus

Coronavirus has left our world quite numb,

But a plague far worse is yet to come.

Many of us eating animals will breathe our last breath,

By devouring  a chicken or its egg we are dicing with death.


Just one meal may cost humanity millions of lives,

When a virus into the most humble chicken dives.

Twenty four billion around our globe are spread,

We turn a blind eye to how they are force fed.


Chickens reared in confined spaces without enough room to spread their wings,

From one chicken to the other the deadly virus springs.

Each new chicken is born a virus incubator,

A pandemic on our doorsteps a human hater.


This greatest danger of all time is lurking around us,

A pandemic on the horizon far worse than coronavirus.

In the undergrowth this monster is lurking,

A nightmare scinario where vacines are not working.


Death can be quick but not gentle,

Pandemic symptoms driving the affected mental.

Starting with aching muscles and a cough,

Lungs turning blue exuding a thick froth.


Booming chicken farms,a carpet of feathers,

A host for the pandemic where the virus tethers.

Coronavirus has left the world quite numb,

But a plague far worse is yet to come.










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Thu 25th Jun 2020 09:04

Conditions are cold,noisy and damp,
The virus is being spread like the light of a lamp.

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Wed 24th Jun 2020 19:21

Cooler temperatures at food factories put workers at risk,
Viruses are reknowned to spread at a pace more brisk.

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Wed 24th Jun 2020 13:26

Breaking news

200 new cases of coronavirus at a chicken factory in Anglesey,
A local lockdown?Local council say,"We'll have to wait and see."

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Don Matthews

Tue 2nd Jun 2020 01:08

What about the looming climate change pandemic.?

What's that?


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M.C. Newberry

Mon 1st Jun 2020 22:04

Will the undertakers - always the first to earn a living in these circumstances - be asking next of kin: "What came first...the chicken or the egg?" 😏

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