No Questions Asked!

I wanted everything be over but things just got messier as I moved forward.
The world as I knew it has became more torn.
 Our lives will never be the same because at this point we fighting just to live in peace.
 You know everything is not so sweet.
Another thing is I just want my people to be free.
Free of all act of uncertainties.
It's crazy how one thing lead to another Covivd now roits all over because the coppers has killed another black man.
A black man who wanted to live to see another day begging for his life, these coppers had no sympathy what so ever.
They just pressed their knees into him and watch him die.
Another Nigga gone they say.
With no real disciplinary actions taken.
Let that would have been one of us. oh! we would have been prosecuted with no questions asked.



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Paul Sayer

Fri 19th Jun 2020 17:27

Take care and seek what is behind the mask.

Not so much who... but why?

I have found this past few months liberating in so many ways.

The power that many new young female poets who are just starting to find their voice... Not just young, and not just female it must be said... Here at WOL, and at other outlets for being noticed, for having a say, for allowing yourself expression openly to the world.

I know I may sound sexist to some in my comments perhaps some may think even condescending... BUT, they do not know me!

And certainly do not know you! YET.

Find your voice, then use it wisely for the good of all.

Always remember not everything you see and hear is true, trust your intuition, question the media, the Facebook postings, YouTube videos the newspapers and news casters who may be casting from a position behind a wall that prevents the truth form either entering or indeed leaving.

We live in an information age and a dis-information age.
Television 'programs' are called that because they are designed to program us.

True poetry is free from censure and control... you have the power to heal within your hands.

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Fri 19th Jun 2020 16:35


Nicola Beckett

Wed 17th Jun 2020 21:11

I've been arrested twice in my life, wasn't treated that nicely by anyone, of any religion colour or creed and it was a Chinese female solicitor paid for by a Jewish friend that got me out xxx love to you

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