100 Days of Lockdown

A hundred days since lockdown began, stockpiling days seems so long ago.

Rationing of pasta, toilet rolls, hand sanitiser, the empty shelves full of woe.


Non essential shops closed along with gyms, restaurants, bars and schools.

Only two persons allowed together, was just one of the new lockdown rules.


A tired nurse went to the shop and broke down, she cried in sheer desperation.

Just stop it please, stop the stockpiling was her heartfelt plea to the nation.


Stay home, stay safe, protect the NHS was the message to keep the virus at bay.

Exercise was allowed, cycle, run or walk from home, only for an hour each day.


Traffic stopped, flights cancelled, pollution fell, the air was so fresh and clear.

The sun shone, nature bloomed, silence all around, bird song was all we could hear.


Prince Charles and Boris tested positive, the virus does not care or discriminate.

We clapped for the NHS, carers and key workers every Thursday night at eight.


Boris was in hospital, the Queen delivered her message of hope, we will meet again.

A minute silence for those who lost their fight, in thoughts and prayers they remain.


Captain Tom Moore celebrated his 100th birthday, his 100 garden laps now done.

32 million raised for the NHS, a flypast, a knighthood, and even a number one.


Resignations due to breaking lockdown rules as we commenced down the peak.

Stay alert, follow the pathway out, the new normal were keywords of the week.


The V E Day 75th anniversary came and went without any major celebration.

Veterans recalled emotional wartime memories from care homes to the nation.


Dominic Cummings told his tale from the rose garden, you couldn't make it up.

Children started to return to school, grandparent support bubbles were setup.


Black lives matter protests, people gathered in crowds and pulled statues down.

Thousands flocked to the beaches, fighting in our cities and trouble in our towns.


Non essential shops started to re-open, distancing and hygiene measures in place.

Football was played in empty stadiums, the government u-turn on track and trace.


Hairdressers, bars and restaurants about to open and we can start to plan our holiday.

So here we are, 100 days have passed and an even newer normal is heading our way.


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julie callaghan

Tue 30th Jun 2020 21:13

Sadly of course, you are correct. If only I could remember where I parked my private jet... get me out of here.

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julie callaghan

Tue 30th Jun 2020 19:42

Hope the next 100 are much better than the last.... could they possibly be any worse.
Thank you

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