A first class move

A man gets on a plane and sits in first class,

He was approached by the stewardess,a friendly lass.

"Sorry sir you'll have to vacate your seat,

And move to economy to rest your feet."


The man was adamant he was going to stay,

Even though first class he did not pay.

"I'm going on holiday to Torbay and I'm staying here !"

"First class you didn't pay sir,you'll have to move my dear."


The pilot saw what was going on and had a word in his ear.

The man  immediately moved to economy at the rear.

"Well done,"said the stewardess,"What did you say?"

"I said the front end of the plane wasn't going to Torbay."





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Tue 30th Jun 2020 15:12

Hilarious write! Good you added two more stanzas. I enjoyed it.

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