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Dear Clark - I write this letter as a way to say goodbye,

I know we’ve dated many years and I know I said I’d try

to get over all your little quirks that really drive me mad,

but I can’t, you see, and so for me It’s all ending rather sad.


It’s the way you seem to run away when things are getting tough,

If your penchant to hide in phone boxes wasn’t reason enough

then your habit to leave your glasses on even when we’re in bed

means I never see the real you and it’s messing with my head.


All I ever wanted was a boyfriend I could love and respect

but I have to say sometimes you’re cruel and sometimes you neglect

to tell me where you’re going you just run off in mid chat.

Getting undressed as you run away – I really do not like that!


Sometimes you seem to see right through me as if you’ve got X-Ray specs

and when I roll over in our bed you’re never there for sex,

you’re out with all your buddies and you really don’t convince

when you say there’s nothing going on between you and that bitch Diana Prince.


So, I’m sorry Clarkie-warkie but I’ve decided to chuck you mate.

I’m sick of your philandering and getting home so late.

I’ve decided to find a man who respects me not one whose love is zero,

I guess I’m in the market for a local superhero.


I suppose it was never meant to last

and you would never share your past.

I don’t think I will ever trust a man again!

Yours Sincerely - Lois Lane.

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Ian Whiteley

Wed 17th Jun 2020 12:44

aye 😃

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Brian Maryon

Wed 17th Jun 2020 04:17

He was the master of disguise...put on a pair of glasses and no-one recognised him.

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