Declaration of Indifference

with my words I can destroy or create within seconds

and this is a power I have learned to wield responsibly

the words of others, however, are irresponsible and erratic 

I confess now that I do not understand people 

and people do not understand me

no matter what words I speak with the intent of creation

somewhere they are interpreted with destruction 

I say let the feeble bonds be destroyed 

and the valuable friendships be created 

with my words I have built a small fortress of allies

and a massive empire of enemies 

but within my fortress, I am understood

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Mon 15th Jun 2020 11:10

words hold all the power of the universe. loved this

<Deleted User> (24283)

Mon 15th Jun 2020 05:04

Fortress of trust is where one belongs.
Friendship is a stronger relationship than any other.
Enemies can't harm you till you have God with you.
Relationship that you don't value, shouldn't pursue too.
Understanding develops amongst like minded people.
Misunderstandings are common between unlike people.
So whom you don't understand could be amongst the unlike ones.

Sorry to write my piece of mind poetry here.

Well written poem!

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