Before I'm put to rest

Before I'm put to rest.

There's some life lessons I've learnt.
Never betray your own heart.
Even when you fall in love

Before I'm put to rest.

Take heed in the advise of others.
Because life is so uncertain.
So focus, don't wonder

Before I'm put to rest.

Do good in your life and take care of your people.
The blessings you feel.
So answer their prayers, even if they tell you they don't need you.

Before I'm put to rest.

Be open and honest with those close to you.
Because we're never promised tomorrow.
It may be the last thing you say or do.

Before I'm put to rest.

Remember my life, my memories, my joy's and my pain.
My time was my gift to you.
So things will no longer be the same.

Before I'm put to rest

Keep those people close, grasp in your arms.
Because you never know what you have.
Untill they are gone.

Before I'm put to rest.

Look into the eyes,
Because theres is no hiding.
What lays deep inside.

Before I'm put to rest.

Do not mourn me, just remember my name.
Remember our moments.
Till I'm 6 feet deep, not to be seen again.

Before I'm put to rest.

Don't try to find me in others.
Because you'll never find me there,
Be strong for when the time comes.
So you'd be spared the pain.

Before I'm put to rest.

Dont grieve me,
I'll always be a part of you.
If you wonder look to the sky,
Close your eyes.
And picture me right besides you.

When I am put to rest,

Please write this on my tombstone.

"Death is not the greatest loss in life.
The greatest loss is what dies inside us.
Whilst you're alive.
Life will break you.
Stretch you till you're torn apart.
Focus on yourself, with the time you have.
Before you join me here.
When your soul departs.

Always smile"


◄ Celestial Moon 7/4/20

Why does it terrify me so? ►


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Fri 3rd Jul 2020 22:44

Beautiful legacy poem. I love your reason for writing. Write on! 💘

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Hamzah Aslam

Sat 27th Jun 2020 22:24

Moon.girl. Thank you for your comments and ameen!

The world needs healing all together. I just write to express myself and maybe someone can relate to it and may spark something within them....


Sat 27th Jun 2020 12:47

Motivating and inspiring!!

May you live long to share your wisdom with the generations yet to come. World needs such dedication n devotion.

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