I will learn to love you

Though we are different in many ways

The blood that runs deep within our veins

Red it remains, all the same

I will learn to love you


Though our language different it may be

And our ways parallel and not the same

Our hearts beat, every second of everyday

I will see the value in you


Though our interactions different at times

Arguments arise and opinions apart

Understanding we reach, absorbing new traits

I will seek to understand you


Though love we all possess

Different in its magnitude and ways expressed

Comparison may arise and feelings hurt

I choose to love you


Though our experiences diverse they be

Places travelled, people we meet

Our differences make us unique

I will appreciate you


Though our ideas divergent at times

Through our speech, our distinction realised

A convergence is obtained and our lives merged

I will always love you

◄ Blind to it all

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Thu 13th Aug 2020 16:34

I love this!!! I’m going to share it with my wife. Beautiful!


Mon 8th Jun 2020 14:56

Thanks for these amazing lines. GREAT

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Mon 8th Jun 2020 12:05

RoseMary and Adam Whitworth thank you for your kind words😌

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Adam Whitworth

Mon 8th Jun 2020 09:37

In a cold dark dawn you make a valuable contribution to daylight with this effort. The new day depends on pledges like this.



Mon 8th Jun 2020 08:56

Happy learning. Loved the dedication to learn . Beautiful.

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