Sell Me Something More Than Snake Oil And Lies

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Sell Me Something More Than Snake Oil And Lies


They say that pulling down statues

Is rewriting history

As though the sculptors who made them

Were historians

And not some commissioned artist

Doing what he was told


Sell me something more than snake oil and lies


It is a form of history

Cast in the wealthy viewpoint

From the stance of the privileged

It’s the history of the aggressor

Not the bruised and beaten

Or the downtrodden and defeated

Where an island built prosperity

On the bones and the blood of the black


Sell me something more than snake oil and lies


If pulling down statues rewrites history

So be it

Take the history books and the propaganda

And write them in truths

Let history tell the tale of what happened

Not what they wanted you to believe


Sell me something more than snake oil and lies

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Ian Whiteley

Fri 12th Jun 2020 16:11

Thanks so much everyone for commenting on this and those who 'liked' it. I appreciate you all taking the time to comment

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 11th Jun 2020 21:38

I note that Farage's LBC contract wasn't renewed.
Well, shut my mouth and call me dumb! 😜

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 11th Jun 2020 18:12

Well put, Ian. It's a vexing situation, on both sides of the 'history ' coin. I totally agree with M.C.'s comment, one not often mentioned.

I can only conclude that this 'glorious arena' of British history is best served with statuary in institutions like museums, where a choice is made to view and review, or not. History is always complex, and manipulated for purpose. How can we possibly ignore that it happened? Or the very complex results, globally?

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Greg Freeman

Thu 11th Jun 2020 17:09

Exhilarating times, Ian, when a dramatic gesture such as this is made. Some throw their hands up in horror; others, such as me, applaud. What is actually happening is change. And then we hear that Nigel Farage has lost his job at LBC. A good day.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 11th Jun 2020 16:01

We mustn't neglect inclusion of the role played by tribal Africa that
saw its own people participate in what occurred...not addressed
within or beyond the black community two hundred years after Parliament outlawed that odious trade "of its time". Enslavement
has been a global feature of history. Was any "empire" free
from its practice and its financial benefits?. And it is still a
practice that occasionally gets a mention in the wider context
of immigration from lands that have a history of it - as occasional
police investigations into allegations of its existence seem to show...
The statues are merely markers of a time and place and like books
should be kept "available" in agreed conditions for historical reference..
If "truth" and "accountability" are the aims, then let "the truth, the
whole truth and nothing but the truth" be the result.

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Thu 11th Jun 2020 15:02

😃 We seem to be on a similar track at present. Nice one Ian!

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