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The world through a net curtain

Since the blood vessel burst in my eye

A Jackson Pollock of dark splatter

Swirling and whirling like oil on water

Swooping and looping like dragons

Drifting in ancient skies


One good eye doing the work of two

And suddenly you are vulnerable

Knowing that losing that one too

Would be blindness waiting to happen

So you close your eyes more

And with their closing comes the darkness


And dreams of the blurry

Animated smudges of charcoal on paper

The guessing to fill in the missing detail

The clipping of corners and missing of minutiae

The hollow tap tap tap

Of approaching white cane


Day by day an improvement that fuels your hope

That this explosion of blood will pass by

That your system will wipe away dirty screens

And polish your vision to what it once was

Meanwhile your one good eye tires and taunts

And your mind whispers maybe you’re missing the big picture


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Ian Whiteley

Fri 19th Jun 2020 14:11

Thanks for he 'likes' and the very kind comments.
It is a pain of an affliction which I've had before - and it usually clears up in a week or so - but this time it's lingering a bit. Better today than when I wrote the lines so gradually getting there.
I appreciate your comments and your concern 😃 x

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Thu 18th Jun 2020 22:09

two of a poet's essential tools along with the gift of imagination-heres looking at you Ian and your great poem ( for now! ooer! ) 😉


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Thu 18th Jun 2020 17:51

Another great sight to behold
Ian's poem as yet untold
I see it, hear it in my head
your words tap tapping as I'm led
along a tale up to the end
written well my blurry friend


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Brian Maryon

Thu 18th Jun 2020 17:13

I have one good eye and one very poor eye. It never really bothered me until I read this piece Ian. Now I'm terrified. Thanks Ian...thanks very much!!!

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 18th Jun 2020 14:56

Sight and sound. How much we take them for granted. In a very personal sense these lines emphasise that importance only too
vividly. Best wishes for improvement.

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