A Lust Letter

your gentle figure guides my hands to where you want them without even telling me 

I look down at your freckled face and see a pretend innocence that begs me to play along

pressing your curly head against my chest you become one with my heartbeat and I revel in the closeness

I yearn for your body throughout the day 

it drives me to know it’s mine to explore 

I get lost in the smoothness of your skin

and the warmth of your love 

I have love to give, too 

to the playful look in your eyes 

and the curve of your hips 

needing to be held 

your body begs without moving 

pleases without speaking

and loves without being asked 

I look at the shape of you and wonder how you can be ashamed of your appearance 

I wonder how I can break down that wall and show you love 

show you what it’s like to be truly admired in places others wouldn’t go

the only way is to force my way in 

your insecurities melt in my arms with your inhibitions 

when we make love, I make you love

and our bodies beg for more 

the adrenaline as you open your mouth when we kiss 

the chill as the tips of your fingers touch my skin

and the euphoric release as your toes curl

you are my work of art

a limitless tapestry of hidden needs and fantasies 

you carry my mind to beautiful awful places

and still worry you are not enough 

but I will continue to love your body

explore you further 

care for your nastiest of needs 

because art is never truly finished 

and the only opinion that matters is the artist’s

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Tue 29th Sep 2020 10:57

Brilliant! I especially loved this part:

"your body begs without moving
pleases without speaking
and loves without being asked"

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 5th Jun 2020 14:12

A eulogy to human need, artfully set out for out delectation.

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