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Train to Nowhere

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Based on the opening scene of Stardust Memories.


The clock ticks in desperation to move us along, to where we belong. 

Our eyes remain forward, no longer looking back. 

The man in seat 2B sobs with tears streaming down his face. He’s left his life in his old place.

I soak in the faces of passengers around me, stern looks all around.

All longing for company, for answers that can’t be found.

Looking over my shoulder, the train across the way has the answers.

The lady in the window seat blows me a kiss; she has what we all have missed.

Looking behind me, the cold faces tell me I should leave.

The conductor denies my plea: this is the wrong ticket, I belong on the other train, you see.

As the train departs the station, I rise to bang on every window and door to set me free.

The whistle continues to blow. No one helps. Nothing budges. I’m stuck on a train to nowhere.

The train arrives at our destination. Heaps of garbage as far as the eye can see as flocks of seagulls swarm overhead. 

This, this is where the train of life has led me.




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Sun 28th Jun 2020 16:23

Thank you, Shifa. I appreciate your feedback. I haven’t found my destination, still on the journey.

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Shifa Maqba

Sun 28th Jun 2020 06:58

Great use of symbolism! The journey that life guides us through is haphazard, slipshod. But all of us find our destination someday. Hope you've found yours. Great poem, great message!

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