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Tapping of shoes 

Voices of shout

Banging of desks

Laughing out loud


Ringing of bell

Rustling through door

Settled on desk 

Awaiting for more


Greeting and regards

Beginning of class

Jotting of notes

Listening to chaos


Frontiers look serious

Middle being sleepy

Back benchers busy

Irritating fellow beings


Endurance being tested


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Jealousy: A vicious seed

In the soil of Trust

Once a seed was sown

Water of sweat

Sunshine of love

Warmth of care

Openness of air

A sapling was born 

The beginning of a Bond

But fate played along

A saltation was brought

Gloomy clouds took hold

Heavy tears to behold

The once calm air

Carried whispers of betrayal

Now a vicious seed was sown

Trust sucking parasite was born

It l...

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A Curse went wrong

"I am a cursed child."

That's what he thought 

Every mistake that we make 

A blessed lesson being taught

But he blamed himself 

For every void

Until it ate him whole

"I don't deserve to live 

Maybe death could erase my curse."

That were his last words

A last mistake that he would make

Oh! He thought he was cursed

But now the curse went wrong

From the high now...

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Today's Mission

Johnny stood in a shop

With his parents ranting on

They couldn't decide

Which leaded to a fight

Daddy asked Johnny

" Which one do you choose?"

Johnny quickly replied 

" I like Daddy's choice."

His Dad smiled which soon died

When Johnny added

" Because Daddy chose Mommy

And Mommy chose Daddy."

Now the tables were turned

And the giggling could be heard



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Alone I stare

The ceiling of my room

Thoughts running wild

As a beast left loose

It attacks your mind 

Leaving a deep wound 

Tears of your eyes 

Sprinkle salt on too

Right on time 

The darkness decides 

To aquaint you with 

It's poisonous conscience 

Yearning the God

To give me strength 

I await for my slumber 

To tend to my wounds


I await for m...

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First Impression

Oh I remember 

My first day of school

Mommy said to behave

And taught one rule

First impression

Is the Last one

Make sure it stays

And hard to erase

Being a naive girl

I rattled my brain 

Painted my hands

Imprinted the walls

Excited I yelled

I succeeded to leave 

The impression that stays

It's hard to fade

How silly my act

Might have seemed


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Some choices to make

While some to impose

Among them is little choice

What can smear your soul??


Many answers were heard 

Loudest of Blood

Followed by Greed

Then came Hatred

Accompanied with pain


Out of all the chaos 

Still could be heard

Some whispers of grief

Some whispers of love


I choose sate 

For it brings both

The peace of mind


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Shadows Of Our Brain

The place that reside

Million neurons alive

Foramen Magnum leads the way

To many chambers that lay bare

Bare I say

For there is nothing that stays

Except for one

The chamber that contains

The memories to hold

The memories that haunt 

The memories that form 

The shadows of our brain

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No one can touch me

I am very fragile

Yet manage to break me

It's too late to realize


Every creature out there

Possess one of my kind

Some express freely

Yet many happens to hide


I have many identities 

Some fake, some real

Time and situation guides

The form i will appear


Many tried to control me

Yet utterly failed

For there are some moments


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A Mighty Word

A word to learn

A word to teach

A word to speak

A word to shield

A word to give

A word to take

A word to make

A word to frame

A word to smile

A word to sulk

A word to guard

A word to shed

A word to hold

A word to hope

A word to float

A word to drown

A word to boost

A word to ruin

A word to honour 

A word to sin

A word to blame

A word t...

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Lost Soul

A world full of expectations

Expect you to be perfect

Great score and fine demeanor 

An emblem to eminence

Ambience so mighty

Compel others to stoop

No matter how hard you try

Still anticipate to move


Admist you lost a soul

Crushed your own essence 

Forgot your humour 

Left your alive persona

Just to carry 

A temperament not yours to attain


Yet i...

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Mute By Choice

The journey  of  life 

Others travel to be wise

On the way i met a girl 

Blessed with  a  beautiful  soul

'Friends' they used to describe

A bond we treasured alike

Cared, played, even shared

Except for her own voice

A radiant smile on her face

Succeeded  to hide every trace

Careful not to loose the fascade

Tried to deceive  but miserably failed

One day at her ho...

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A tru friendshipabusefighting alonesilent tears

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